Crazy World: Man fined for saying 'I don't' to fiancee

A court has ordered a Brazilian man to pay $6,500 for saying "I don't" to his former fiancee.

Rio de Janeiro state Judge Benedicto Abicair said that Marcelo de Azevedo Fernandes must pay for "moral and material" damages to Cristiane Costa de Andrade. The ruling was posted Friday on the court's website.

The couple was to have been married in September of 2007, but Fernandes called it off.

The judge said in his ruling that Andrade's "suffering, anguish and humiliation cannot be ignored."

The fine is supposed to pay for the jilted woman's wedding costs and visits to a psychologist.

Andrade's lawyer, Viviane Sines del Giudice, said neither she nor her client would make any immediate comment regarding the case. Calls to Fernandes' attorney, Fabiano Ayupp Magalhaes, went unanswered.

The O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper reported there have been at least two similar cases since 2004. In that year, a judge in the state of Sao Paulo ordered a man to pay his fiancee $4,500 for getting cold feet days before the weddings. A year later, a woman in Rio de Janeiro state received $2,000 after her fiance decided not to get married 75 days before the wedding.

Man pays off mother's 1954 parking ticket

A parking ticket issued 57 years ago in southeast Nebraska has finally been paid off. The fine: a dime.
York Police Chief Don Klug says a man walked into the station Tuesday with the ticket and payment _ mounted and framed. Klug tells the York News-Times  that the man said he found the ticket among his mother's things and wanted to settle the debt.
The ticket was issued on July 13, 1954, to a vehicle licensed in Oklahoma. The man told Klug that he believed his mother had been visiting York at the time and probably lost track of the citation.
Klug says he plans to hang the framed ticket on the wall of his office in York, about 50 miles west of Lincoln.

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