Crazy World: Park sued over cranky camel...

Park sued over fall from cranky camel


AUSTRALIA: A woman is seeking $170,000 in damages after she was injured when falling from a cranky camel at a Gold Coast wildlife sanctuary.

Julie Ann Paterson, 49, allegedly received back injuries and a sprained ankle when she tumbled from the camel at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, reports Herald Sun.

In documents filed in the District Court in Brisbane by her lawyers, Paterson sought damages for pain and suffering and loss of income, the paper said.

Paterson alleged she visited the sanctuary about when she took part in the camel ride, the animal was agitated and behaving in an unruly manner needing two handlers.

At the end of the ride the handlers tried to get the camel to kneel but it stood up in such a manner as to make her fall.

Paterson's statement of claim alleged she was owed a duty of care to ensure she was not exposed to a foreseeable risk of injury.

Paterson also alleged the respondents should have known that camels were a mysterious animal which could act in an unruly manner.

Nurse recounts bashing terror

VICTORIA: A Veteran Geelong Hospital nurse, who was punched in the head six times by an emergency department visitor as sick children watched on, says staff are under siege.

The Geelong Advertiser reported the woman returned to work recently after spending more than a week at home nursing a cut lip and bruises to her head, back and ear.

The 55-year-old said frightened nurses were facing increasing violence from patients and visitors.

Geelong Hospital statistics show 60 nurses are assaulted every month.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she was assaulted after she asked her attacker to leave when the woman became aggressive and abusive in the waiting room on January 16 at 12.30am.

"She then turned and punched me to the face and I became unbalanced and then she punched the daylights out of my head," the nurse said. "I was crouching down and she punched me to the head. I was terrified."

She said the beating only stopped when the mother of a six-year-old she was treating came to her aid.

The nurse, who has 35 years experience and is also a grandmother, said her colleagues were abused daily and shown no respect.

She said threats had been made against her life and her family.
Flight crew hit over trolley row

NEW YORK: A passenger has been arrested after he allegedly punched a flight attendant for blocking his path with the beverage trolley.

Michael Isabelle allegedly kicked over the trolley and punched the male flight crew member in the stomach during the American Airlines Flight 256 from Rio de Janeiro to JFK Airport, the New York Post reports.

Isabelle is said to have kicked the cart until it toppled over and flight attendant Carlos Carrico grabbed his arm.

The passenger then allegedly punched Carrico twice.

Carrico, along with another flight attendant and a passenger, wrestled him to the ground and placed plastic cuffs on him.

Isabelle was taken into custody when the plane landed. 
Toddlers die in ritual killing

INDIA: In a shocking incident, two toddlers died in Ghaziabad (outskirts of Delhi) in a ritual for seeking divine help to get rid of their sickness.

The incident took place on Sunday night, but came to light on Monday evening when the relatives were burying the children in a grave.

The police said the children, one and a half years old, two and a half years old, inhaled fumes and died of asphyxia when their mother, grandmother and grandfather, along with a 'tantric', performed some rituals. They are now under police custody.

The two toddlers were hung upside down over the "haven" - fire place - to make them inhale the fumes coming out of a fowl that the tantrik sacrificed in the fire, the police officials told the media.
Cop held for raping colleague's minor daughter

MUMBAI: A cop was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping his colleague's teenage daughter near Mumbai.

The incident took place on January 20 when the man asked the girl to bunk school and took the 15-year-old girl to a resort to a resort in Thane, near Mumbai, where he raped her.

The accused was known to the victim as a family friend.

The girl's father later lodged an official complaint following which the 'cop' was apprehended.
Abused wife may have to split $190m lottery win


IDAHO: Holly Lahti burst into the spotlight a week ago in a feel-good story about a single mother who won a $190 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Then came the mugshot: a thin young woman with disheveled brown hair, sporting a black eye and cuts and bruises on her face and neck.

The mugshot was taken after Lahti and her husband, Josh Lahti, both were arrested during a domestic dispute in 2003. The charges were later dropped, and the couple has long been separated.
Court records indicate Josh Lahti abused her but now, through a quirk in Idaho law, he has a possible claim to some of the money.

He could be entitled to a chunk of the winnings because he and Mrs Lahti never divorced and were never legally separated. Idaho's murky law on the issue requires a divorce filing to grant separation, which is a key factor in splitting up assets between spouses.

Lahti, 29, went underground with her two daughters immediately after learning she had won half of a $380 million jackpot in the January 4 draw. She has not been seen or heard in public since.

She quit her job as a customer service representative for a bank after winning the jackpot, then she asked family and friends not to talk with reporters. She did not appear at the January 12 press conference in Boise in which her good fortune was revealed.

Josh Lahti said he did not know Holly had won the lottery until told by a reporter from The Associated Press last week.

"That's awesome! I won't have to pay child support!" he said upon learning his wife was rich.

In a brief telephone interview, Josh Lahti said the two started dating in high school and got married in 2001.

Holly Lahti still lives in the couple's former home in Rathdrum. Josh Lahti said he sees his daughters, aged 12 and 10, most days.

Her friends are upset at all the attention paid to the decade-old mugshot, and say it does not reflect the devoted and hardworking young mother who has moved on from a troubled marriage.

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