16-year old girl gang-raped in SUV for 5 days

Teen gang-raped in SUV for 5 days

A sixteen-year-old girl from the city of Jaipur in India survived a 20-day ordeal where she was repeatedly raped by five youths in a forest near a village in Ajmer district.

According to a report in The Times of India, the teenager managed to escape and inform her family who then approached the police.

During the entire period, the girl was confined in an SUV in which she was allegedly kidnapped.

The report says the girl was at her aunt’s house for the summer holidays when she was abducted.

"She says that she was kept in the car for 20 days and the five youths took turns to rape her. She says she was repeatedly raped," the report quoted a policeman as saying. The victim claimed that she was made to eat and sleep in the car only.

Son-in-law murders for mom-in-law’s love 

Vying for their mother-in-law’s love put two son-in-laws on a collision course that ended in murder.

In a crime report that is as crazy as they come, the Mumbai Police in India arrested a man identified as Vinod Sonavane for killing his brother-in-law Manish Shinde over the affection of their mom-in-law identified as Vimal Jadhav (48).

Vinod and Shinde are married to Vimal’s two daughters.

The report carried by Mumbai tabloid Mid-Day (http://bit.ly/ONai3B) states that Vinod was jealous of the treatment Vimal gave Shinde.

The report adds that the police claim to have a confession from the accused in which he says that their mother-in-law liked Shinde more.

His jealousy grew so much that he ultimately decided to kill Shinde.

He took Shinde near a railway station and lynched him with the help of two friends. 

60-year old suffers rape twice

A Riverside County man has been arrested after police say he raped a woman, returned to her home and raped her again.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says 38-year-old Frank Kelly of Murrieta was arrested Friday. He remains jailed Tuesday. 

Police say Kelly, who has prior convictions for assault, befriended a 60-year-old Murrieta woman and helped her unload items from her car last Wednesday. 

Sgt. Phil Gomez says he returned to her home later that day, raped and robbed the woman and threatened her so that she didn't immediately report the attack. 

Police say two hours later, Kelly returned and rang the doorbell. The woman was expecting a neighbor and opened the door. Police say he raped her again and left.

She reported the attacks the next morning.

Man uses slingshot to fire marbles at speed camera 

Police in Maryland say a man has been charged with assault for using a slingshot to fire glass marbles at a speed camera van. 

Authorities say Bruce Lawrence May of Ellicott City was arrested Tuesday. The 50-year-old Lawrence was also charged with destruction of property and reckless endangerment. He was released on $3,000 bond. 

Howard County police say that at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, the van was near Manor Woods Elementary School when the operator heard something hit the side of the vehicle. The operator saw a minivan pass and saw the driver with a slingshot fire another projectile at the speed camera van. 

Police say that May had received two speed camera violations recently.

Man robs bank, drives to police station 

A suburban Portland man says he was so moved by a documentary exploring the cause of the Great Recession that he decided to rob a bank. 

But apparently the film didn't make enough of an impression for the 50-year-old Gresham man to keep the loot. 

The Oregonian reports that Raymond Carl Knudson pleaded guilty Monday to sticking up a Bank of America branch in April, a crime he confessed within minutes of committing. 

According to court documents, Knudson entered the bank and handed over a robbery note. Then he drove to the Gresham Police Department carrying all $425 of the loot and confessed. 

He told investigators he felt compelled to rob the bank after watching "Inside Job." 

He's scheduled for sentencing Sept. 10.

Woman gets $1.4M utility bill in error  

A lot of people gripe when they get high summertime electric bills. But Kristin Harriger's bill was nearly $1.4 million. 

The Abilene, Texas, woman immediately called her provider, Potentia Energy. She quickly learned that her bill was an error. 

The utility provider also excused a $66,000 late fee listed on the bill. 

Potentia told the Abilene Reporter-News it had flagged the bill and had marked it to be held, but the bill mistakenly got sent out. 

The bill said Harriger was being charged 100,000 cents, or $1,000, per kilowatt hour. The normal rate ranges from 8.2 cents to 12.1 cents.

Carmen Balver, director of the nonprofit protection group Consumer Watchdog recommended contacting state officials if people run into difficulty while trying to settle a dispute about an over-the-top bill.

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