A former burglar revealed the common mistakes people make with their home security

Security expert and reformed criminal Michael Fraser appeared on 'This Morning' on Thursday to reveal the top mistakes people make when it comes to protecting their house from thieves.

The first piece of advice Michael gave to home owners was to never leave a calendar near their windows, as burglars are able to observe when their house may be empty.

He said: "Don't hang a calendar with holiday dates right near the window - they will come back when they know you're away."

The second thing Michael suggested was to engage both locks on your door if you have two, as thieves can tell when the dead lock isn't engaged.

He said: "What I can do is put my foot up against the door and if I push on it and it moves then a burglar could tell it isn't engaged.

"Don't have two locks if you're not going to use them."

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