A student hasn't used shampoo for two years

Photo: Bang

A student who hasn't used shampoo for two years claims it's made her hair thicker than ever.

Iiris Heikkinen, 24, swears by the 'no-poo' method with her hair - meaning she only ever washes her hair with water and has ditched the shampoo and conditioner entirely, occasionally putting a dab of coconut oil on her hair.

The Finland native is convinced that the natural oils in her hair will see her hair cleanse itself and made the decision after suffering with an itchy scalp from the products she was using.

She said: "Before, I would wash my hair every few days, and I found it was almost too clean. My scalp was really dry as a result and would itch.

"But after just a couple of weeks of the no poo method, the itching stopped. There was a point at first where my hair looked greasy, but I pushed through it and it soon went back to normal."

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