Apple fanatics try to sell kidneys to buy iPhone

A couple of gadget fanatics in China tried to sell their kidneys in order to buy the new iPhone 6s.

Social media networks in China are filled with humourous content on how Apple fanatics are resorting to selling their organs in order to be able to afford the latest iPhone, reports

In fact, this trend is not new. In 2011, a teenager had sold his kidney for 22,000 Yuan to buy an iPhone and an iPad.

This recent incident was exposed when a man went missing in an eastern province of China after an organ deal did not go through.

According to media reports, the duo tried selling their kidneys in a desperate bid to raise 4,488 Yuan to be able to afford one iPhone 6s.

The Chinese social media network QQ revealed that one kidney could cost up to 200,000 Yuan, depending on the blood group.

The duo got a buyer for their kidneys who asked them to undergo blood tests at a hospital before he would make them a deal.

However, the buyer disappeared and did not show up again.

Police is investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, according to other media reports, two other men from a central Chinese province also decided to sell their kidneys in order to buy a new smartphone.

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