Apple hater microwaves newly-bought iPhone 5

In a publicity stunt, man put destroyed device for sale on eBay for $3,001

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After spending hundreds of dollars and taking trouble of pre-ordering it online or buying it from the store guess what did one of the latest iPhone 5 owner did with it - burn!

The Apple hater posted a five-minute YouTube video showing viewers how he cooked his iPhone 5.

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Of course, there's a disclaimer before the start of the actual action where the man asks his viewers not to perform similar stunts at home unless someone is a professional microwave operator with at least 30 years of qualified professional microwaving experience! That's a helpful tip.

He then displays his newly acquired possession, shinning ultra-thin iPhone 5.

He puts the brand new device into a worn out microwave and turns it on. Almost immediately the phone starts crackling and approximately 40 seconds in, the phone sets on fire with a single flame. Moments later, it bursts into a ball of flames.

After being burnt for three minutes, the phone is blasted with water before being removed from the oven with a iron spatula.

The blackened iPhone remains in one piece.

He further puts the destroyed device on sale with a free iBall skull; no one can resist that!

The video is catching up with netizens and has been viewed 40,000 times since it was uploaded.

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