Babysitter told to feed kids sugar and pizza

A parent has listed a whole load of bizarre tips for their child minder to abide by when looking after their children.

Some of the strangest bits of advice included not letting their neighbours borrow food and not picking up the house phone "unless they feel like paying bills".

Sharing the extensive list on Twitter the child minder's boyfriend wrote: "My girl went to go babysit and this is what the parents left her. (sic)"

But most shockingly, was the parent saying if their little ones need breastfeeding they should just watch a "how to" video on YouTube to learn how to do it.

And that they should just let them watch the television and eat pizza and let them get on with it.

The long list read: "Let the kids have as much sugar as they want, as long as they will go away.

"I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible so they will leave you the hell alone. Feel free to do the same."

"They do still breastfeed on demand, just download a video on YouTube.

"Don't waste your time cooking or providing healthy snacks, jut give them pizza and leave."

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