Bizarre: Cops parade couple naked in public

Also: Primary school shows porn cartoon to kids

A couple in Pakistan was arrested and paraded naked in public after police received complaints they were intending to commit adultery.

When police reached Sindh town of Gambat following a tip-off from a local spy they saw a man walk around with his arms around two women. All three were arrested, reported 'Daily Mail'.

Eyewitness claim that police forced the man and one of the women to walk naked on the street towards the police station. After a while, when passersby raised an alarm, police shoved the still-naked woman inside the vehicle, but the man had to walk the distance.

The man has claimed innocence and filed a case. Interestingly, only one of the women was paraded in public.

Primary school shows porn cartoon to kids

A primary school in UK has been criticised for showing sex education video to youngsters.

The Living and Growing DVD categorised as 'cartoon porn' shows naked cartoon couple chase each other and other 'steamy' sequences, reported 'Daily Mail'.

The film also asks five-year-old children to to name body parts on a drawing of naked men and woman.

Chimpanzee asks zoo visitors to let him free

Chimpanzees have always beenconsidered an intelligent animal. 

A chimp at the Welsh Mountain Zoo has been caught communicating with visitors requesting them to set him free.

He looks longingly at people in front of him and pointing to a bolt of a glass door.

The video doing the rounds on the net shows the chimp link its fingers together, a signal similar to the American Sign Language representation of the word 'gate', reportes 'Daily Mail'.

Spider named after David Attenborough

A new spider - Prethopalpus attenboroughi – which measures just a little over a millimetre in length and found only on Horn Island off northern Queensland has beennamed after natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

This is the sixth species to bear his name, reports The Telegraph. However, he feels honoured.

The scientists behind the find said the common name for the new species would now be Attenborough's goblin spider.

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