Bizarre: Dh4.7m gold toilet paper... 100% usable

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How about using a gold toilet paper worth Dh4.7million?

Well, an Australian company Toilet Paper Man has produced a 3-ply roll made of gold and embellished with 22-carat gold flakes, reports

On their website, the company claims that this golden toiletry is “the most expensive toilet paper…”  at a whooping AU$1,376,900.00 (S$1.6 million/ Dh4.7m).

Toilet Paper Man also claims that it is ‘100 per cent usable and safe’.

According to news site International Business Times, the lavish roll of toilet paper even comes with a bottle of champagne with the purchase.

Currently, the Australia online company, has only one such golden toilet roll in stock. It is unclear if Toilet Paper Man will be manufacturing more.
However, this is not the first luxury toiletry.

In 2011, a golden toilet was unveiled in Haikou, China which was made at a cost of 1.28 million yuan (S$260,000).

Frances Perraudin from US magazine Time's online site claims that the most expensive toilet hails from Hong Kong. A 24-carat gold toilet built in 2001, with  gold covering everything in the restroom, even its sink, reported Perraudin. And was worth then a US$29 million (S$36 million).

Man sues Apple CEO because he doesn’t like iOS7

A man in the US is taking Apple CEO Tim Cook to court because he doesn’t want iOS7.

The Californian is accusing Apple of ‘corporate thuggery’ and demanding a compensation of $50 for the ‘unwanted’ iOS7 downloads on his and his family’s devices, reports

He is demanding a method to remove the iOS7 install file, which prompts users to download Apple’s latest iOS7 on every boot.

The trial is set to begin in January.

The iOS& was rolled out in September.

Man pleads guilty of onboard theft

A Chinese man has pleaded guilty for stealing a trolley bag comprising clothes and documents of another passenger on board Tiger Airways last week.

The aircraft was flying from Macau to Singapore.

There has been an increase in thefts onboard flights, reported

A Tigerair spokesperson was quoted as saying that the airways ‘bans known criminals and suspects” and has procedures in place to “summon police to handle suspects on arrival”.

Meanwhile, SilkAir claims its cabin crew is trained adequately to respond to various situations including safety and security.