Bizarre: Doc takes break during surgery, man dies

SWEDEN: In a horrifying incident, a man died on the operating table after two members of the surgical team went on a lunch break while the surgery was on.

The 72-year-old victim had gone for a surgery to get a tumour removed in a hospital in Lidköping, Sweden, reports The Local.

The head nurse and the anesthesiologist decided to take a break half way through the surgery. A few minutes after they left, the patient suffered complications. He began hemorrhaging as his blood pressure was fast dropping. The replacement anesthetist who walked in was not familiar with the apparatus being used.

Finally when the duo returned from lunch, they found that the respirator had been switched off. By then it was too late for the patient to be revived. He suffered brain damage and died.

The victim's daughter sued the hospital and it came in for some harsh criticism from the health authorities for its staff policies and sheer negligence.

Teen stabs lover's child 30 times

INDIA: A 16-year-old boy who was in love with a 24-year-old married woman took an extreme step and stabbed her 4-year-old child to death with a pair of scissors.

The obsessive lover from New Delhi could not handle his emotions when the woman spurned his advances, reports The Times of India

The mother-of-three did not take the boy seriously when he tried to be physically close to her. She simply shrugged him off. However, he got angry and threatened to harm her three kids.

The woman left her little one alone at home to meet her husband who had been apprehended by the police over an incident of setting a scooter on fire.

It later emerged that the teenager had set the scooter on fire in the hope that the husband would be out of the scene and be able to have his way with the woman.

The woman returned from the police station to find her son lying in a pool of blood. He was declared dead at the hospital.

The boy pleaded guilty to the gruesome murder.

Couple leave 3 toddlers home alone while they get married

FLORIDA: Three toddlers aged 1, 2 and 3 years were left to fend for themselves while their parentswent to get married in a courthouse in Casselberry. They left a message for two of their eldest kids to call them on the phone if they returned home from school before the parents.

On the way to their wedding venue, the couple called up a neighbour to keep an eye out for the two elder kids when they returned from elementary school. When the neighbour enquired about the three toddlers, the couple said that the trio were sleeping at home on their own.

The neighbour called the police who entered the home and fortunately found the kids in their beds, unaware that they had been almost abandoned, at least for a few hours.

The couple have been charged with child abuse and their five kids have been placed under foster care.

Man kills stepson over car damage

US: Authorities say a 75-year-old man shot and killed his stepson during a fight over damage to a car.

San Diego police told the U-T San Diego that Thomas Bethel went to his stepson's Paradise Hills home Monday and confronted him about a car he owned that had been vandalized earlier in the day.

Investigators say the 54-year-old stepson apparently hit Bethel in the head with a crowbar before Bethel shot the stepson.

Officers say Bethel was booked into San Diego County Jail after being treated at a hospital for a traumatic head injury.

The stepson's name was not immediately released. (AP)

 2-year-old nearly drowns in baptism

US: Police say a young South Carolina child nearly drowned after his mother apparently tried to baptize the boy.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reports the 2-year-old boy did not suffer life-threatening injuries but was held overnight Thursday at a hospital for observation.

Police have charged 39-year-old Micherald Bellamy of Myrtle Beach with aggravated assault and battery.

Police were called by the women's mother who lives nearby.

It was not immediately clear if Bellamy has an attorney. (AP)

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