Bizarre: Drunk pilot ejects from taxiing plane

Also: Nasal spray to help arguing couples

A pilot was taken off the plane at Sydney airport just minutes before it took off on Monday for suspected drinking.

However, Qantas spokesperson said the matter was being investigated and it would be inappropriate to comment further, report

Cabin crew who had suspected the pilot had been drinking had reported the matter. The plane was taxing from the runway when the Boeing 767-300 was stopped and the pilot pulled back.

Nasal spray to help arguing couples

This is some good news for warring couples. A nasal spray comprising oxytocin hormones will make women calmer and frendlier and men more sensitive and positive during arguments, claim scientists.

Oxytocin - known as the 'cuddle drug' - is naturally made in the body and is involved in sex, sexual attraction, trust and confidence, reports Daily Mail.

Oxytocin is believed to affect the automatic nervous system  during disagreements, say Zurich University scientist who conducted research on 47 couples.

26 years after wedding couple told they are not married

For 26 years Maria and Harry Gruber have been living together as husband and wife. They raised two kids and were law-abiding citizens ever since their marriage in 1983 at a church in Sunshine.

However, passport office told them that they would not recognise their marraige because the priest then had failed to lodge the paperwork, reported Herald Sun.

Man shoots wife of 45 years

A man in Ohio shot his wife of 45 years in her hospital bed where she was recovering from a life-threatening illness.

She is critical and battling for her life, while the husband is arrested, reported Daily Mail.

He had dropped in to visit her and was standing by her bedside when he pulled out the gun and fired at her. Teh motive is not clear.



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