Bizarre: Husband thrashes wife for shopping spree

A Kuwaiti husband beat up his wife for going shopping with her friends.

According to the Al Rai daily, the wife was taking a leisurely stroll at a mall with friends but when she returned home, she got a severed spanking from her husband for no reason.

The wife, who works for the Ministry of Interior, could not tolerate this and went to a police station and filed a complaint against her husband.

The husband then revealed he beat her for going shopping without his permission and spending his money without asking.
The case is being investigated.

Man kills sibling to teach him ‘discpline’

An Egyptian man is accused of torturing his 14 year old brother to death for stealing phone cards from a shop.

According to Egyptian news site Sada Al Balad, in attempting to teach his brother a lesson, the 27-year old hit him with a hose pipe.

He then decided to make his punishment more gruesome by heating a cleaver to grill the young boy, identified as Abdul Rahman.
When he was sure Abdul had died, he picked by the little boy and dumped his body in the fields.

Several days later, farmers who worked on the same land got a foul smell which led them, to the body.

They immediately reported to the police who began investigations which led them to the brother.

He confessed to the crime stating that he wanted to make his younger sibling more disciplined.



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