Bizarre: Killers take away head after shooting man

Also: Midwife abuses child during birth

INDIA: A cosmetics vendor was shot dead by assailants in the early hours of Tuesday in the Indian city of Ranchi.

The killers barged into his home and killed him and thereafter beheaded him and went off with his head, reports Mid-Day

Investigations reveal that the man had two wives and that might have led to complications in his life. Family feud could have led to the man being killed so brutally, it is speculated.

During the incident in the middle of the night, the family members had woken up but did not try to save the victim from his killers as they were scared of the gunmen.

Woman's ‘killer’ hairdryer ends a life

BRITAIN: A 57-year-old man died after his wife left a hairdryer on the bed while it was plugged in. The woman forgot to take it off the plug after using it and the hot hair dryer sparked a freak blaze.

The bed caught fire and the man sleeping on the bed died of smoke inhalation in Wolverhampton, while the wife was attending a charity function, reports The Sun

The judge ruled it as an accidental death.

Mom shaves identical sons’ hair so teachers can tell them apart

CHINA: The mother of identical quadruplet boys had a major issue at hand. The teachers and the boys' classmates at school could not tell them apart at Shenzen in China’s Guangdong Province.

She made it easy for all by giving the boys an innovative hair cut. She shaved the six-year-olds’ heads with the numbers one to four, reports Daily Mirror

Even the mother finds it difficult to tell the four apart. Only the shape of their eyelids is a little different. She was worried that her sons would face difficulty and hence she took the drastic step.

Midwife abuses child during birth

ALBUQUERQUE: A midwife accused of assisting with a complicated birth that went awry and trying to hide her involvement has been charged with child abuse.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that a criminal complaint filed against 34-year-old Jessica Weed says the baby ended up with bleeding retinas and a gathering of blood on the brain's surface and that the mother developed an infection because she didn't deliver the placenta.

Authorities say the day after the Augut 28 birth, Weed says the family didn't need further treatment.

But mother and child were admitted to a hospital August 30 with complications. Weed is accused of asking them not to reveal her involvement and of saying she was out of compliance with her licensure.

A message left at Weed's home Monday wasn't immediately returned. (AP)

Girls have surgery to get pointy chins

CHINA: Girls want to look like the anime characters of popular Japanese cartoons. The anime characters have very pointy chins and very large eyes.

This is a shocking new trend sweeping across China. While some people think the girls look cool, there are many who think that after the surgery, the girls look like aliens.

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