Bizarre: Mom pregnant with son's child to marry him

Also: Woman dead for months as daughter spends cash

A mother is in love with her own son and is all set to marry him.

The 40-year-old woman in Zimbabwe is now expecting her son’s child and her grand-child, according to a report in

She has been a widow for the past 12 years and has been living with her son, now 23.

She confirms she is six-months pregnant and she wants to marry her son rather than her husband’s younger brothers who are seeking her hand in marriage.
She told a village court that she is in relationship with her son for the last three years.

The village elders are opposed to her plan.
Doctor husband sleeps with his sister

An Egyptian woman has approached the family court to seek divorce from her husband after she caught him in indecent acts with his sister.

Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper quoted her as saying that she saw her husband, who is a doctor, with his sister in their bed.

Recalling her earlier days with him, she said that he hails from a prominent family and she never once hesitated in marrying him.

And that they had a happy life together.

But off late he has been busy at work and spent most of his time at his sister’s house, she alleged.

Recently one day, she happened to return early from work as she had a headache and was surprised at hearing noises from her bedroom, she claimed.

Meanwhile, the husband said in court that he and his sister have had a sexual relationship since childhood and that as they grew up they did attempt to refrain from engaging themselves. However, they were unable to keep away from each other, he admitted. He even consulted a psychiatrist but it didn’t help him, he claimed.

The court sentenced the siblings to three years in prison.


Woman dead for months as daughter spends cash

An elderly Australian woman lay dead for months in her home as her adult daughter, who apparently used air freshener to mask the smell, fraudulently accessed her bank accounts, police said Friday.

The body of the 83-year-old was found in the bedroom of her Sydney home a week ago, but a post-mortem suggested she had been dead for months.

Her 48-year-old daughter, receptionist Melissa Peacock, who was believed to be her primary carer, was not at the premises. On Thursday she was discovered at a luxury hotel in central Sydney and arrested, police said.

"She was arrested and charged with failing to report a death and dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception," they said in a statement.

"Police will allege the woman had been fraudulently accessing and obtaining money from her deceased mother's bank accounts on a number of occasions."

A Sydney court on Friday heard that Peacock told police her mother Noreen died on July 28 and that after finding the body she walked from the bedroom, shut the door and had not re-entered since, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

But the court was told forensic evidence indicated attempts were made to keep the room clean after the woman's death, including changing the sheets and using air freshener to mask the smell, the report said.

The cause of death is not yet known, but a preliminary autopsy suggested she may have died from hypothermia.

Peacock, who is accused of using her mother's money to pay for her accommodation at luxury Sydney hotels, quit her job in July and all her own bank accounts were overdrawn, the Herald added.

She remains in custody pending a bail hearing on Monday. (AFP)

Woman carrying toddler raped in public bus stop
The man who raped a woman while she carried her toddler in her arms in Ohio at a public bustop has been arrested.

The 34-year-old is charged with one count of rape and two counts of kidnapping.

Media reports say the 27-year-old woman, who was waiting for bus with her 18-month-old daughter, was approached by the suspect.

She said that he put something to her back, which she thought was a weapon, and ordered her to walk behind the building.

Frightened, she followed his orders and at the rear of the building he allegedly raped her while she was holding her daughter, she told police.

After the act, he took her back to the bus stop and waited with her until she boarded the bus.

He fled the site once she left.

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