Boy attempts world record for most temporary tattoos

Photo: Bang

A seven-year-old boy has attempted the record for temporary tattoos by applying 436 Winnipeg Jets tattoos to his body.

The seven-year-old child, named Dyson Labossiere, adorned his body with hundreds of designs of his favourite ice hockey team, with the help of his father Andrew, who spent $70 on 42 separate sheets of the sporty tattoo design.

Andrew said: "He still has about half of them on. Some of them came off almost right away, especially the ones on his feet.

"I took few ones off his back that were bugging him and the rest he wanted to keep. I'll tell you, his bath water on Saturday night was sure blue."

The pair learned through that the current world record for the most temporary tattoos applied to an individual was 420 in 2014.