Brides can now opt for a pizza bouquet

Photo: Instagram

Brides can now choose to walk down the aisle with a bouquet made out of pizza.

Villa Italian Kitchen in New York is the masterminds behind the quirky product, which caters to those who wish to walk down the aisle with pieces of pizza made up in a floral decoration.

A post on the restaurant's website said: "Perfect for any couple looking to add some fun and flavour to their big day, the Pizza Bouquet and Boutonniere feature beautiful and delicate floral details hand-crafted by New York food-stylist Jessie Bearden."

The unique wedding item is being given away for free to a selected number of couples in America hoping to tie the knot in a less-than-traditional manner.

Mimi Wunderlich, Director of Communications and Digital Marketing at Villa Italian Kitchen, added: "We are so excited to kick-off wedding season with the launch of the world's first pizza bouquet and boutonniere.

"These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one of a kind designs."

Despite many on social media voicing their reservations, there were many pizza enthusiasts who welcomed the new venture.

One Twitter user said: "PIZZA. WEDDING. BOUQUETS. At least SOMEONE got the dream wedding of 12-year-old me. Respect. (sic)"

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