Bridezilla asks maid of honour to dye hair for wedding

A bridezilla demanded her maid of honour dye her hair before her wedding.

The bride, named Cassidy, has shocked Reddit users after admitting that she told her friend to change the shade of her blonde locks before the day of her nuptials.

Posting in the forum, she said: "My maid of honour and I both have blonde hair.

"My hair is a darker blonde, whereas hers was dyed bright bleach blonde at the time of my asking. I only asked her this because she often dyes her hair different colours, including dark brunette once."

One appalled user wrote: "You're so entrenched in bridezilla land that you need to realise you should NOT even think about asking someone else to change their hair colour for just one day where you want to make it all about you."

Another wrote: "You don't need the lightest hair at the wedding. That's controlling."

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