Burger King launches new 1,150 calorie burger

Burger King will be launching a new burger for a limited time only and includes eight slices of bacon, but also has 1,150 calories.

The fast food giant has upped its burger game with the Bacon King sandwich which is made up of two quarter pounder burgers plus the addition of bacon, as well as cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Burger King has also revealed that the burger isn't just for beef lovers, but those who prefer chicken can opt for the Chicken Bacon King.

Although it will be launched throughout all branches around the country, the price will vary depending on where the branch is and is already expected to be more expensive than a normal meal, being reported at costing £8 per meal.

The burger is only available for a limited time and those who are calorie conscious should know it contains around 1,150 calories before the chips and drink and contains 79g of fat.

Alasdair Murdoch, CEO of Burger King UK, said: "We're firmly committed to delivering innovative, great-tasting food at affordable prices for all our customers.

"We hear how much our guests in the UK love bacon, and we hope that by introducing the Bacon King sandwich we help to satisfy that craving."

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