Call girl turns bait in bid to lure serial killer

Call girl to lure sister's killer

A call girl is fighting to get justice for her sister.

She is luring the serial killer who murdered her little sister and is now offering herself as bait on the internet.
Kimberly Overstreet, 29, placed her sex ads on the same website used by her sister so that the murderer finds her and picks her up.
Her desperate attempt came after cops who found ten more bodies strangled by the serial killer.
Only one corpse was that of a child, but the rest are all thought to be prostitutes who advertised their services on the website Craigslist.
The hunt for the psychopath — dubbed the Long Island Killer after the area near New York where all the bodies were dumped — has gripped America.

Detectives have warned escort girls to beware of using the Craigslist website, The Sun reported.

Deaf girl raped & forced to work

A deaf, Pakistani girl was trafficked to the UK and kept as a virtual slave in a cellar for almost 10 years by an elderly couple, a court was told.

Locked in a cellar each night, the ten-year-old was repeatedly raped and forced to carry out chores including cooking, cleaning, sewing and washing.

Ilyas Ashar, 83, and wife Tallat, 66, regularly beat the girl - dragging her by the hair if she was too slow and slapping her if the food was too hot or spicy.

The court was told that the girl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused by Ashar and stabbed in the stomach.

The girl had been brought from her home in Pakistan in 2000.

Profoundly deaf and unable to speak, she went to live with the Ashars at their Victorian house in Eccles, near Manchester.

She was kept locked at night so that she couldn't escape, the Daily Mail reported.

She was a victim of threats and violence throughout her life from being a little girl.

Police called at the house in 2009 and found the girl - now aged around 19 - sleeping in the cellar.

Girl draw blood from boyfriend's neck

A 16-year-old girl has admitted to an odd sexual fetish she enjoyed having sex during her period and gets turned on when the love bite on her boyfriend's neck draws blood, reported AsiaOne.
The girl, known as Iza, also got turned on when she ate chicken which had blood oozing out of its flesh, as a result of not being cooked properly.
Iza said her fetish for blood started when she got to know a teenager who worked at a restaurant near her house.
She and the boy used to get intimate during her monthly periods. But the relationship ended when her mother caught them having sex at home.
Iza revealed that she had also offered sexual services through social networking sites in the past but has since repented and joined a welfare home for women and youths.

Pizza could kill a woman

A woman has been eating only pizza for the past 31 years. She has now been warned of her bizarre diet.

Her only diet, cheese and tomato pizza could kill her unless she quits this dining habit.

Student Claire Simmons, 33, cannot eat anything other than a pizza.

Doctors have warned that her bizarre condition — known as Selective Eating Disorder — is increasing her risk of a stroke or heart attack in later life.
The Sun reported that she is storing up many problems for the future due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Claire is actually scared of fruit and vegetables.

Amputee Marny Cringle 'growing' new leg

Ms Cringle, from Bolwarra in the Hunter Valley, lost her leg after falling beneath a train on the London Tube in December 1996.

But now she is going to be part of a medical wonder. The 42-year-old has been chosen for a remarkable bionic leg which will fuse on to living muscle and bone to become a natural extension of her body.

Despite years of consulting with specialists she was forced to put up with life on crutches and in a wheelchair.

But recent cutting-edge surgery and months of painful treatment have managed to lengthen the bone by 5cm in preparation for the artificial limb.

The next step is for surgeons at the Macquarie University Hospital in Sydney to anchor the top part of the bionic leg into her femur, where muscle and bone will gradually grow around it.

It will be the first time someone has successfully had both a bone stump lengthened and a bionic limb fitted.

Ms Cringle, a former Australian wheelchair tennis champion, will undergo her next round of surgery on February 22, with recovery expected to take 6 to 8 weeks.

That means her new leg could be fitted as early as April, reports

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