Cop mistakes son for intruder, kills him

US: State troopers say a police officer in New York shot and killed his son, mistaking him for an intruder.

Troopers say Parry Police Department Officer Michael Leach called 911 to report the shooting early Saturday. He was staying at the Clark Beach Motel and shot someone he believed to be an intruder. But the man turned out to be his 37-year-old son, Matthew Leach, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Troopers say Leach used his department-issued .45-caliber Glock handgun in the shooting. He was hospitalized after the shooting.

The investigation is continuing. (AP)
Shoplifter escapes by running topless

A woman who was caught stealing a packet of diapers made a narrow escape when she literally threw her top to make a beeline for the exit.

The security guards caught her fleeing the store without pay for a packet of pampers and took her to a secluded area. However, they did not expect her to attack them by punching, biting and scratching a 47-year-old female guard who had escorted her from the exit to the ante-room.

The shop lifter then did the unthinkable and wriggled out of her top which the female guard was holding on to and made her escape, said Huffington Post.

The woman apparently has four prior convictions for retail theft as well as arrests for aggravated assault and attempted murder.
Teacher, 34, intimate with 2 students

BRITAIN: A female teacher who had not one but two underage lovers could face jail for the rest of her life. She was caught possessing revealing and child pornography images of her students in intimate poses on her mobile phone.

The 34-year-old was found guilty of shooting her pics with the teenage students while they were intimate, reveals Daily Mail. The two students were 14 and 17 years old and they used to meet up with the 34-year-old woman three to four times a week, the court heard.

The relationship lasted for two years until the police started the investigating the close relationship which came under suspicion.
The two teenagers admitted in court they knew what they were doing was wrong but they could not stop themselves.

The woman was found guilty on 18 out of 22 counts of misbehaviour and inappropriate behaviour with minor students.
Surgical pin pops out of a woman's preggie belly

UK: A pregnant woman who is weeks away from giving birth to her baby was shocked when she notcied a surgical pin poking through her stomach. The sharp metallic object is just inches away from her unborn baby, reports reported.

It is feared that when the 26-year-old woman who lives in Buckinghamshire had her appendics removed in 2009, the surgeons most probably left surgical pin inside her tummy.

She said that she had been feeling some “discomfort” on the left side of her stomach. Just six weeks away from delivery, the pin popped through her skin on her stomach.

Doctors have told her that they cannot do anything at this point and she will have to wait and deliver first before they can remove the pin. The only thing the doctors have done is blunt the sharp edge. However, the woman is extemely sore.

The foetus will remain unaffected by the pin. Now only if she could wish the pin away for the next six weeks.

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