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21 April 2024

Cop seeks permission to die... from boss who tortured him

By Staff/Agencies

BRITAIN: It's a classic case of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A boyfriend who chose to dump his girlfriend and asked her to move out of their apartment paid a heavy price for his choice.

The girl took liberal help of make-up to fake injuries and accused her boyfriend of raping her, reports Daily Mail

The 22-year-old put on war paint, went to the police and claimed that her partner had raped her.

The police took out a search warrant as a result of the complaint turned up at the boyfriend's home the next day to investigate. During the search, the officials found a stun gun and drugs in his apartment. 

Following the bizarre turn of events, the man who was a former Royal Navy Able Seaman lost his job and was charged by the police for the weapon and the drugs found in his possession. The rape charges were dropped after the prosecution told the judge how the girl had managed to lie to the police. However, the girl friend did not face any charges for lying through her teeth in front of police officials.


Wife, 35, convinces lover, 21, to batter hubby to death

US: A mother of three children got her husband killed as she wanted to avoid an expensive custody battle.

The 35-year-old woman convinced her 21-year-old lover to batter her 34-year-old husband with a shovel in Philadelphia, reports Daily Mail.

This was not the first attempt made to kill her husband. Earlier, they had tried killing him by adding poison to his Snapple drink. In another attempt, the wife tried poisoning him with sleeping pills. When these methods failed to get the husband to vanish permanently, the wife forced the lover to bludgeon him to death.

The man was buried behind the lover's former high school in June 2010, according to the daily. After the incident, the wife sent text messages from her husband's mobile phone and even went to the extent of updating his Facebook page in an attempt to make it appear as if he had dumped his family and walked out.

The wife told her friends and neighbours how she hated her husband but divorce was not an option as she did not want a custody battle on her hands over the couple's three children aged 12, 10 and 6.


Cop seeks permission to die

INDIA: A junior police official in Mumbai requested his boss to permit him to commit suicide as he could no longer take the mental torture that was being inflicted on him.

The 34-year-old police constable accused his boss of persecuting him for no reason, reports Mid-Day.

The incident occurred on January 25 morning, when Ganesh Bharat Kamble met Senior Inspector Vijay Dhopavkar and handed over the suicide letter seeking permission to kill himself.

Upon reading the note, Dhopavkar simply laughed at Kamble and pointing to his mobile phone he said that if the constable dared to commit suicide right then and there, he would record the incident on his mobile phone camera.

Kamble was further humiliated and he drank two bottles of phenyl that he had hidden in his pocket earlier.

Dhopavkar not only did not bother taking him to the hospiotal but ordered the latter's colleagues to arrest him. Kamble was rushed to the nearest hospital by the same colleagues.

Kamble told the daily that Dhopavkar torments his junior staff. He does not forward leave applications filed by junior officials as a result they receive only a small percentage of their actual salary. For example, Kamble is entitled to receive around Dh1,500 every month but he receives only a paltry Dh450, as the rest of his salary is cut for taking unsanctioned leave.

Kamble's colleagues supported his claims.

Dhopavkar told the daily Kamble is mentally unstable and an alcoholic.


Woman gives birth to 6.2kg baby boy

US: A US woman has given birth to a boy weighing 6.2kg (13lb, 13oz) - without the aid of surgery.
Asher Stewardson was born on Thursday at Mercy Medical Centre in Des Moines, Iowa, measuring 59.7cm. Fifteen months ago, his brother, Judah, arrived weighing 5.4kg.

Mercy officials say only a 10th of 1 per cent of all newborns weigh more than 5kg.

The boys' mother, Kendall Stewardson, endured six hours of labour without an epidural injection. She says she and her husband, Joshua, wanted to avoid cesarean delivery.

Music mogul leaves fortune to doorman and driver

US: A mega-rich music mogul, 67, who passed away recently in New York City left a significant part of his worldly wealth to two faithful employees.

Alan Meltzer was worth about $10 million at the times of his death. The two employees helped Meltzer after his wife divorced him after 13 years of marriage, reports New York Post.

The millionaire's chauffeur, Jean Laborde, who received $1 million said, he would vist the dead man's grave with some flowers every year.

The doorman received $500,000, according to the will. He called his employer a "generous guy".

Meltzer was the head of Wind-Up Records which is based in New York. He was also a celebrity high-stakes poker player.

The ex-wife missed out on a guaranteed 33 per cent of his estate, as they split just a year before the millionaire's death.


Man breaks teenager's fall from fifth floor

CHINA: A passerby stretched out his arms when he saw a teenager falling from the fifth floor.

Miraculously, both we saved. The saviour received minor injuries as a result, reports Asiaone.com. Not everyone would have reacted the same way or even dared to catch an object falling from that height and weighing about 55kgs.

A doctor quoted in the Heilongjiang Morning Post said a human being's arms could normally stand 45kgs of weight. However, an object falling from that height imposes about 850 kilograms of instantaneous force, the paper reported, using calculations from netizens.

The father of a 6-year-old girl did not hesitate and acted on his instinct.

The teenager's face was bloodied and he was vomiting when he was taken to a hospital.


Dentist used paper clips in root canal

US: A US dentist has been sentenced to one year in jail for using paper clips instead of stainless steel posts in root canals.

Dr Michael Clair from Massachusetts pleaded guilty earlier this month to a list of charges, including assault and battery, defrauding Medicaid of $US130,000 ($122,485), illegally prescribing medications and witness intimidation.

Prosecutors said Clair sometimes used sections of paper clips when performing root canals in an effort to save money. Some of his patients reported infections and other problems.

Brenda Almeida said her teenage son's tooth turned black and had to be removed after Clair performed a root canal on him in 2005.

She said Clair also performed shoddy dental work on her other two children.

Almeida, who watched Clair get sentenced in Fall River Superior Court yesterday, said she was angry about what she considers to be a light sentence.

"He put my kids in pain for months. ... I hope he rots there," she said after Judge Richard Moses sentenced Clair to a year in the Bristol County House of Correction.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of five to seven years.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley said Clair billed the Medicaid program for the costs of stainless steel posts and submitted false claims using other dentists' provider numbers.

Clair's lawyer, John Dingee, declined to comment.

Moses sentenced Clair to two years, with all but one year suspended, followed by five years of probation.

Clair's license to practice dentistry was suspended in Massachusetts in 2006.