Couple transformed spare room for pet sloth

Photo: Bang

A couple transformed their spare room into a bedroom for their pet sloth.

Jenni and Terry Koenig £380 and 20 hours to kitting out a room in their Wisconsin home into a suitable home for their six-year-old pet sloth Enzo.

The couple - who have three children - fitted their spare room with an infrared heater and cool mist humidifier, along with ropes and towers for the animal to climb.

Jenni told the Metro: "Bringing him back in the car inside a crate I remember feeling excited, but so nervous about looking after him.

"I'd wanted a sloth for so long and we'd done everything we could to make our home right for him. But you just have to hope it works out."

Jenni bought six-year-old Enzo for £4,520 a year ago after and the family already have a number of other exotic pets including sugar gliders, a hedgehog and giant Flemish rabbits.

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