Crashed object in woods 'could be a UFO'

A 'crashed object' discovered in an empty stretch of woodland has prompted theories that it could be a UFO which has landed on Earth.

The unusual object was found in an empty stretch of woodland, with UFO hunters not believing their luck as a man showed them what he claimed to be a crash site.

As seen on YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, the surrounding trees seemed to be damaged - suggesting it fell at some speed - and the area looked to be taped off.

Mark Johnson, who received the photo from his friend in Australia, said: "It looks almost too good to be true. But when you see something like that it is what you think. It could be a movie set or something."

Other enthusiasts were quick to comment, with one noting: "Looks like it has been sealed off for investigation - someone needs to get down their quick."

Another said: "Wow, looks like a UFO. They should go back and measure the ground for radiation. It must have left some kind of trace."

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