Crazy World: 20-year old girl weighs only 20kgs

Russian developed super diet, which she named 'Victory'

RUSSIA: Ksenia Bubenko is a 20-year-old girl from Russia who wanted to lose weight desperately. She was obsessed with weight loss and developed her own super diet, which she named 'Victory'.

However, her passion turned deadly and she now weighs as many kilograms as her age. Yes, she is 20kgs at 20 and 1.58m tall. Ksenia is a curious mixture of skin and bones, says The New Paper.

Her images have gone viral on cyberspace ever since she appeared on a chat show in Russia. Reactions to her photographs online range from admiration to disgust.

Passenger gags on worms on flight

AUSTRALIA: A female passenger to was served airline food on a Qantas flight was disgusted to find maggots crawling through her food. No wonder she gagged when she made the discovery, reports Herald Sun

The airline apologised to the 42-year old woman who was on the long US-Australia flight and had asked for the Australian-made trail mix for a snack.

Man given up for dead found alive

MELBOURNE: An investigation was under way Monday after a man declared dead by Australian paramedics following a car crash was found to be alive around an hour later.

The driver was trapped upside down in the wreckage of a Porsche in a Melbourne suburb and was pronounced dead after being treated at the scene.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said after ambulances left the man remained in the car for up to an hour as police began their investigations.

It was only when State Emergency Service volunteers finally began the process of removing what they thought was a corpse that they discovered a "feeble pulse".

An ambulance was rushed back to the crash site and the 30-year-old was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Ambulance Victoria said it was investigating the bungle with the two paramedics involved traumatised by their mistake.

"These are two very experienced paramedics but obviously this has been an error and we will work with them through that," said spokesman Simon Thomson.

He added that the driver had horrific facial injuries and paramedics were confronted with a challenging scene but would not comment on whether their error compromised his survival chances.


Mother poisons herself and 3 children

CHINA: A woman who was tired of life and could not cope up with the day-to-day pressures, consumed pesticide. She even fed a concoction made of sugar and pesticide to her 3 children before poisoning herself, reports China Daily.

The children are suffering from kidney failure and all four of them are in a critical condition, hospital sources told the daily.

Two daughter aged five and seven and an 8-month-old son used to live with their mother while the father worked as a carpenter in a different province in China.

The father told the daily that his wife was a good mother. She would spend everything on her doting children. He believed his wife was suffering from depression and hence took the fatal decision.

The four victims of poisoning are unable to eat anything since their throat is badly burnt after consuming the pesticide.

Help is pouring in from all quarters for the family.


It's raining dead pigeons

SINGAPORE: A family that fell in love with a dream house and bought it recently, received a rude awakening when hundreds of dead pigeons fell out of a false ceiling.

The couple noticed a foul smell in the flat when they had gone to check it out before buying it but they did not question the seller since it would have been rude to do so.

Upon buying the flat, the new owners decided to renovate it to their taste.

One day, while the renovators were checking the electrical lines in one of the toilets, hundreds of dead birds in different stages of death, fell out of the false ceiling.

The owners were horrified at the sight.  "There were so many of them. They covered almost the whole floor of the 4 sq m toilet," the owner told The New Paper.

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