Crazy World: Dad fathers daughter's 3 children

Girl gave birth to her father's first grandchild when she was merely 14

WEST VIRGINIA: In a horrifying case of a father sexually abusing his daughter, a 56-year-old man has been arrested for fathering three grandchildren with his daughter.

The man had been involved in an incestuous relationship with his daughter for 13 years, claims Daily Mail.

The girl gave birth to three of her father's children. The girl, who is 35 now, told the authorities that her father started abusing her since the age of 7. She gave birth to his kids when she was 14, 19 and 20. The offsprings of the incestuous relationship are now aged 21, 16 and 15.


College girl loses voice after ragging

INDIA: A grade 11 girl who was ragged by her seniors in a college in Hyderabad has lost her voice after alleged ragging in Indian city of Hyderabad.

The teenager is a studen of Gayatri Junior College at Gotlam in Vijayanagaram and was a resident of the college hostel, reports news service IANS. She was a new entrant in the college and the hostel and was barely a month old in the institute when she was  attacked in her room one night in the dark.

The seniors tried to strangle her with a rope. Her neck displayed rope marks clearly. She could not speak once her seniors went away when her roommates returned.

The girl's parents have filed a police complaint and she is under treatment.


Women sexually abused by predatory family members

EGYPT: Incestuous cases seem to be on the rise in Egypt, which is facing social and political unrest.

Harassment and the incest is not only confined with the lower  social classes but it is extended to include all the society, reveals Amani Mahmoud, Head, Nadeem Center.

The situation is different among the society’s rich people. They deliberately conceal their problems in order to preserve their dignity, adds Mahmoud.

A 24-year-old has revealed that she was abused by her uncle, while a 29-year-old mother of four was abused by her father-in-law, even as her husband kept silent.

The 24-year-old was being harassed verbally and physically by her uncle. The mother of the girl knew about the abuse and blamed her daughter for inviting the looks and the abuse.

The mother was also not in a position to refuse entry to the uncle to their house. The girl’s parents are divorced and hence there is no one to defend her honour.

The young woman is depressed and wishes to commit suicide.
In yet another case, a 29-year-old mother of four, Daulat was forcefully driven away from her own house due to the predatory nature of her father-in-law.

The woman claims that even though her husband knew what his father was up to, he did not say anything when her father-in-law tried to rape her. He would chase her everywhere.

One day she could not take it anymore and started screaming loudly when her father-in-law tried raping her. Her neighbours came running and she broke down and revealed everything to them.

Her husband divorced her for breaking her silence and she did not even get her children’s custody. She now lives with her uncle and works as a nanny.


Dad charged with gunning down two teenage girls

AFGHANISTAN: Two teenage siblings who had run away from their home with an interpreter returned home after four days only to meet instant death.

The duo were gunned down by their father for allegedly ruining the family's reputation in the society, reveals Daily Mail. 'Honour killing' remains a common practice in the war-torn Islamic nation, says the daily.

The man with whom the two sisters had fled home works as an interpreter with Nato forces in the southern province of Afghanistan.Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the young man in the ultra conservative country where Taliban rules still apply.


Wife stabs hubby over Facebook posts

TEXAS: A wife landed in jail over her husband's Facebook posting. She was so furious over the status that she entered into an argument with the man and chased him around at home with a knife in hand. She even stabbed him in the hand, reports Daily Mail.

The woman even jabbed him with her car keys.

A police patrol car was despatched to the couple's house in the dead of the night. The patrolling officer was met by a man with a bloodied hand outisde his home.

The woman claimed that the duo had fought after the man was high on drugs. However, the man claimed that she became upset over something he had written on his wall on the social networking site.

The woman could be facing jail for 20 years as she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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