Crazy World: Liposuction voucher for 7-year-old

Girl, 7, gets liposuction voucher for Christmas

BRITAIN: In what is perhaps the most inappropriate gift of 2011 Christmas, a 55-year-old mother has given a £7,000 liposuction voucher to her 7-year-old daughter.

The duo had hit headlines earlier when the surgery-obsessed mother had gifted her daughter a voucher for breast enlargement on her last birthday, reports Daily Mail.

The mother has spent more than £500,000 on her own surgical enhancements and is keen that her daughter becomes a glamor ous model when she grows up. She sees no harm in passing these vouchers to her little girl and in fact believes that these will come handy in future.

The mother and daughter have always been in the news for the wrong reasons. The first time they hit headlines was when the daughter was being taught the intricacies of pole dance at the tender age of 6.


Why gentlemen prefer brunettes over blondes

ENGLAND: There's good reason why some celebrities have dyed their hair from blonde to brunette – men seem to prefer darker-haired women, according to a new study conducted by an Indian-origin researcher. 
Viren Swami and his colleagues at University of Westminsterto in England sent a woman to three London nightclubs.

For each trip her hair color was dyed brunette, blonde and then red. The researchers then observed how men approached her.

The researchers, who returned to the clubs, asked 130 men to rate pictures of the woman in her three hair colors.

Her brunette guise generated the highest marks for attractiveness and intelligence, reported The Times of India. Preferences could simply be the result of a shift in fashion, according to Swami.

While blondes were the rage in the '70s and '80s, brunettes seem to have regained their favor today.
"In the sixties and early seventies, when Jackie Kennedy was the ideal, brunette hair became the ideal for women generally," Swami said.

"Then, in the seventies and eighties, blondes became the ideal. The study did find that men spoke most often to the blonde version, chatting with her 60 times in total, compared to 42 approaches as a brunette and 18 as a red-head.


Cops gave maniac his guns back

BRITAIN: A man went on a killing spree and killed three women. But the most horrific part of this tragic story is that the killer cabbie had six guns in his possession, which were confiscated by the police before the massacre and the authorities gave them back to the killer, reports The Sun.

About three years ago, the killer cabbie, Michael Atherton was threatening to commit suicide. The police officials took his shotguns away. However, the shotguns were returned when he applied for them. He continued to possess the dangerous weapons despite suffering from depression.

On New Year's Day, Atherton got involved in a domestic row. He grabbed his weapon and shot dead his partner, her sister and niece, before turning the gun on himself.

His partner's daughter was injured in the slaughter but managed to escape from an upstairs window.

The entire community is furious over the police allowing the mentally unstable man to keep six weapons at home.


Jailed terrorist not allowed to Skype, complains

BRITAIN: A Bangladeshi terrorist who is imprisoned in a UK prison has lodged a complaint that he be allowed to use Skype to talk and video chat with his friends and family at cheap rates as prison payphone calls are expensive.

However, jail officials in Durham have rejected his request saying it would pose a serious security risk considering that the man is behind bars for plotting to blow up a passenger jet, reports Daily Mail.

Rajib Karim, 32, is a former British Airways software engineer and was awarded a 30-year sentence last year after he was found guilty of planning a 9/11-style terror attack.

"The last thing he should be given access to is a computer or method of free communication," The Daily Mail quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Man kills doctor after wife dies

INDIA: A man hacked a doctor to death when his wife died after delivering a still born child in a clinic in the sourthern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The 55-year-old doctor who was looking after the patient was attacked by the grieving husband and one of his friends, reports The Times of India. The duo barged into the clinic and killed the cotor on the spot.

The man blamed the doctor for the death of his wife and his child.


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