Crazy World: Mall calls cops after changing room cat-fight

Mall-goers witnessed a crazy spectacle when two women got into a cat fight over a dressing room in Kuwait’s
Fahaleel Mall

According to the Alam Alyawm daily, the argument was merely about who would enter the dressing room first, but the petite quarrel turned into a fierce battle when the Kuwaiti woman got furious and punched the Egyptian woman in her eye.

Police arrived at the location to resolve the matter.

Fortunately for the Kuwaiti, the Egyptian was kind enough not to file a complaint after the former apologised for her behaviour.
The matter was resolved amicably.

Egyptian molests woman in the lift 

Police are looking for an Egyptian man for attempting to molest a Kuwaiti woman inside the elevator of a commercial complex in Salhiya.

According to the Al-Shahed daily, the woman, who is believed to be in her 40s, screamed for help and the Egyptian escaped, but not before tearing her clothes.

A complaint has been filed with the Salhiya Police Station.

Father kills daughter for marrying lover

In an act of honour killing, an Egyptian father shot his daughter for fleeing away with her lover and secretly
getting married to him

According to the Sada Al Balad newspaper, the victim escaped from her paternal home with an excuse that she is going to the market to purchase some vegetables and then away with a boy from her village.

Three months later the father spotted his daughter with her husband in the same town. Promising that he would get their marriage legalised, he invited her home.

Upon reaching her residence the girl was disappointed as she was greeted with severe thrashing.

When she tried to escape her father brought out his gun and shot her in the chest.

Neighbours rushed to her aid and took her to the hospital, where the girl succumbed to her injuries upon arrival.

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