Crazy World: Man eats 28 raw eggs and...

...dies a painful death

TUNISIA: A Tunisian man who ate 28 raw eggs in one go for money died after suffering from severe stomach pain.

The 20-year old man died on his way to hospital, reports Daily Mirror.

He had taken up the challenge to eat 30 raw eggs and he collapsed after eating 28. 

This tragedy comes a couple of months just after a man died from eating live cockroaches to win a competition. The man in Florida was pronounced to have died from choking on those bugs.

Raw eggs sometimes contain salmonella bacteria and that is why young children and pregnant women are advised to eat eggs after they have been cooked properly.

However, fitness fanatics are known to add raw eggs to drinks for added protein.
Patient's bill doubles 45 minutes after he dies

INDIA: A well-known hospital in the financial capital of Mumbai, The Fortis Hiranandani hospital, is alleged to have doubled a patient's fees minutes after he passed away.

The patient was paralysed, reports Mid-Day.

The hospital has been under the scanner lately for its controversial decision to allow a film's shooting in its premises.

The patient's family told the daily that the hospital had estimated a fee of Rs5 lakh for five days of hospitalisation. The authorities asked the family to deposit Rs1.5 lakh at the time of admission.

On December 20, the family was handed over a bill of Rs2.32 lakh. However, within the next 45 minutes, the hospital informed the family that their patient had passed away and gave them a bill of Rs 4.47 lakh.

The hospital refused to hand over the dead body till the entire bill was paid. They released the body only after 10 hours of the patient's death.
Woman wakes up minutes before post-mortem

RUSSIA: A 61-year-old Russian woman has been declared dead twice by doctors. However, she refuses to fade into oblivion. Each time she comes back to life and most recently she managed to do it just minutes before she was supposed to be cut open for her autopsy.

She woke up after spending three days in a freezing morgue.

The weird incidents have scared her family and the doctors. She did it not once but twice - once in November last year and then in October this year.

The first time the lady 'passed away', the daughter spent 60,000 roubles (£1,223) on funeral arrangements which included buying flowers, casket, dug grave, food for mourners, according to The Siberian Times.

When the daughter went to collect her mum's body, she was asked to wait as the doctors had yet to perform the post-mortem. A few minutes later, a scared doctor alerted her to the fact that her mother was alive.

Once the daughter was convinced that her mother was back for good, she had to face quite a few awkward tasks like asking the men to stop digging her grave and requesting mourners not to turn up.

The doctors were unable to explain the incident.
Englishman wakes up speaking Welsh

UK: An 81-year-old Englishman who was evacuated to Welsh during the second world war never picked up the language during his time there. However, decades later when he woke up after suffering a stroke, he started speaking in Welsh.

The doctors were unable to understand his dialect and his wife had to translate the patient's words to the doctor, reports Bath Chronicle.

Doctors diagnosed that the patient has aphasia, which is a form of brain damage that causes a shift in the brain's language centre. It also causes a disorder known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, which leads to a sudden change to speech so that a native speaker talks with a foreign accent.

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