Crazy World: Man loses race to 'loo', attacks lady

Victim now requires cosmetic surgery

INDIA: This was certainly a call that the man could not say no to. In his bid to respond to nature's call, the man bit off the tip of the nose of the woman who jumped the queue and rushed inside the restroom without listening to the man's pleas.

After 10 minutes, when the woman came out of the restroom, the accused apparently dragged the woman to a side and forcibly bit off a piece of her nose. The duo were forced apart by those standing nearby, reports NDTV.

The woman was rushed to a hospital with the piece of her nose that had come off. The woman is likely to need cosmetic surgery.

The attacker was allegedly mentally unstable.

Pak girl kills dad over boyfriend

PAKISTAN: The father of a girl who was not happy with his daughter's boyfriend paid with his life for airing his views.

The teenage daugter of the man from Pakistan's Punjab province killed her father for scolding her over the choice of her boyfriend, reports news agency Press trust of India.

According to neighbours, the boyfriend had been causing a lot of trouble in the father-daughter relationship as the father was against the relationship and had even beaten his daughter to conform to his wishes.

However, the beating only turned the daughter more against her father. She asked her boyfriend to give her a gun and she used the weapon on her father while he was asleep.

The girl was arrested by the police and her boyfriend was also charged with abetment to murder.

Teacher rapes 9th grader over four years

NEW DELHI: A 42-year-old teacher has been raping a female student for the last four years. The 14-year-old girl has been facing the ordeal for so long as the rapist threatened to post her nude images online if she reveaed their secret to anyone.

The man used to take her to seedy hotels in the Indian capital of Delhi to carry out his disgusting deeds, reports The Times of India.

The teenager's nightmare came to an end when the rapist called up the girl's sister and abused her over the phone. The sibling immediately notified her parents who questioned their other daughter.

The grade 9 student broke down and revealed it all to her parents.

The parents reported the matter to the police and upon medical tests, the rapist was arrested for abusing and exploiting a minor.
Abused maid jumps off building

INDIA: A 15-year-old maid who was abused by her employers took the extreme step and jumped off the terrace of a three-storey building in the Indian tech city of Bangalore.

The teenager is battling for life after being physically abused and humiliation by her employers. She had stayed with the family for two years and on the day of the incident, she had again been harrassed by the family's grown up children for eating a dish that had been prepared for the family, reports The Times of India.

She was rescued by a neighbour and rushed to the hospital when she was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She has suffered multiple fractures among other injuries.

In a verbal statement given to the police, the girl told them that she was not allowed to eat the food prepared for the family. She eas regularly beaten up with shoes and sometimes her head was even banged against the wall.

The employers told the police that the girl was lying and she used to regularly steal money from them.
Dad reunited with kidnapped son 20 years later

CHINA: A father- and son who were parted by kidnappers more than two decades ago, fought against destiny and were united recently.

The father spent most of the last 21 years searching for his long lost son, reports China Daily/Asia News Network.

He has spent all his earnings in hsi quest to find his son. He has sold fruits and even set up a tea stall, but hasn't moved from the location in the hope that he would find his son.

In 2011, his son's cold case file was reopened by the police. The father's DNA sample was taken to match with those of kidnap victims.

His 20-years' of hope was finaly relaised when he met his grown-up son in June.

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