Crazy World: Son burns paralytic father alive

Also: Wife offers herself as 'prize' to 2 men to kill her hubby

INDIA: In a horrific incident, a son belonging to a village near the southern city of Hyderabad, burnt his paralytic father to death while he was in an intoxicated state.

The son poured fuel on his father who could not move around on his own and set him on fire, reports The Times of India.

When the neighbours saw smoke coming from the house, they broke opened the door and found charred remains of the elderly man.

The alcoholic son was known in the neighbourhood for pestering his parents regularly for money to meet his liquor needs.

At the time of the incident, the other family members were not present at home.

The son has been arrested and charges filed against him. 
Wife offers herself as 'prize' to 2 men to kill her hubby

BRITAIN: An unfaithful’ wife has been jailed for 23 years for arranging husband's murder through sex ploy.

The 45-year-old woman brought two men home from a bar for sex. However, the trio had to kill her 61-year-old husband first. "I want him dead,” Charlotte allegedly told the two 'murderers' who were lured in to kill, reports NY Daily News.

The police officials had found the man with 46 separate injuries, including stab wounds, while he was lying dead on the kitchen floor.

The woman's accomplices were put behind bars for 18 years each. They claimed that they were in an intoxicated state when they met her and she had a history of picking up men from the bar. They also claimed that the woman had told them that there was no one else at home when she proposed to take them with her.

The judge sentencing the trio said that murder was 'shocking' and 'baseless'.
Man stabs woman 20 times in public view

MUMBAI: A gym instructor whose marriage proposal had been rejected by a 24-year-old accountant lost it and stabbed the girl 20 times in broad daylight in the presence of dozens of people who simply looked on without rushing to the rescue of the victim.

The incident occurred in Mumbai's Andheri (East) when the 30-year-old man stabbed the girl repeatedly in the back, hands, chest and abdomen, after she rejected his proposal.

The man warned passersby not to come forward or he would kill them as well. While some simply ran away, others shut the doors and windows of their homes, reports The Times of India.

The girl was attacked barely metres away from her aunt's place. Fortunately for the girl, her cousins arrived at the spot immediately after the attack and she was taken to a hospital on time. Her condition was stable but any delay could have cost the girl her life.

The man fled the scene after the attack but hours later he was arrested from his relative's home in another Mumbai suburb.

Mom leaves kids in car to watch stripper show

FLORIDA: A mother-of-two left behind her 3-year-old daughter and 5-year-old boy unsupervised, in an unlocked car, in Florida while she watched a stripper act.

When someone tipped off the police about the two abandoned kids in the car, they tracked the mother to the stripper joint and found her sitting beside the stage with cash in her hand.

She was in an intoxicated state and officials also found alcohol in her car which was even smelling of stale liquor.

The woman was so drunk that she could barely utter a slurred word and stand on her own.

“When the officers asked her to stand up she was unstable,” the New York Daily News quoted a police official.

The woman later told authorities that she left her kids in the car so they could watch a movie. The Florida Department of Children and Families took custody of her kids.
Passenger finds needle in sandwich on flight

TORONTO: Air Canada says a passenger found what appears to be a sewing needle in a catered sandwich on board a flight from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto.

Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for the airline, said late Tuesday that the airline is "working closely with our caterers to ensure heightened security measures have been put in place."

Fitzpatrick says the airline contacted the caterers immediately after Monday's discovery. He says a police investigation is under way and they have not received any further reports of similar incidents.

Dutch police said earlier in July they were investigating how needles got into six sandwiches on Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, Seattle and Atlanta. Passengers discovered four of them. (AP)

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