Crazy World: Teen girls having multiple abortions

Also: Spurned lover slits girl's throat

Teenagers are having repeat abortions, with some girls undergoing as many as eight terminations in their teenage years, according to a latest survey.

Daily Mail reported that for one in seven teens who terminated pregnancy in 2012, it was not their first.

NHS figures claim that out of 38,269 teenagers seeking abortion in England and Wales, 5,300 had already had at least one termination.

Experts say these girls use abortion as a form of contraception and it's simply shocking.

Spurned lover slits girl's throat

A teenage girl was stabbed 14 times and her throat slit because she refused to marry her neighbour.

According to a Times of India report, Kishore a 23-year-old farm labourer in East Godaveri district in Southern India had been pestering Lakshmi - a polytechnic student - to marry him for the last two years.

She not only refused his proposal but complained to her parents, who in turn scolded him. This led to him slitting her throat and stabbing her 14 times. She's now battling for her life.

Dad kills son to get revenge on his wife

A 37-year-old man walked into a classroom in Vienna and hauled his son and daughter and shot the boy in his head, while the girl managed to escape from his clutches.

According to a Daily Mail report, he was seeking revenege on his wife as he was denied entry into their home.

The eight-year-old boy is critical, in coma, and has already undergone a surgery.

Meanwhile, the man fled the scene before he could be apprehended, but he rammed his car into a post a little farther and shot himself dead.  

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