Crazy World: Waiter shot for not eating leftovers

Also: Man smashes cops nose in protest, goes beserk in police car

Three youngsters are wanted in a case of shooting at a waiter at a roadside inn in the Indian capital of Delhi.

The three men aged between 24 and 27 walked into a road-side stall near Shivaji Stadium at about 6.30 in the evening.

They ordered a parantha (bread) each. However, the trio could not finish their meal and so asked the waiter who served them the food to finish off the food, reported Hindustan Times.
The waiter politely informed them that the food would be taken care of and that they need not worry about it.
But that did not pacify one among them. The 27-year-old suspect allegedly took out his pistol and fired at the waiter for disobeying him.
Luckily, the waiter escaped by ducking to both the shots.
Meanwhile, the suspects accomplices managed to flee the scene. Police arrested the person, who was allegedly was in an inebriated state.
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Man smashes cops nose in protest, goes beserk in police car
A man went berserk and continued hitting his head in a police car for almost half-an-hour in protest for being arrested.
The 33-year-old could not comprehend why was being nabbed, according to
He allegedly caused disturbance outside a lounge and asked cops to leave him.
He is now accused of spitting in the police car, and beating a cop resulting in a broken nose.
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