Crazy World: Wife, lover choke hubby to death

And more on a man who sawed off own arm and carried it to hospital

MUMBAI: A 25-year-old woman who was having an extra marital affair, in a horrific act, took the help of her lover and his friend to end her husband's life.

The woman, who hailed from Chembur, watched her husband die while her boyfriend choked him to death by stepping on his throat while she held on to his hands and feet even as he struggled for his life, reports Mid Day.

The woman was keen to end her unhappy marriage and she finally implemented her gruesome plans successfully on February 7.

Man saws off arm, carries it to hospital

LONDON: A man who was chopping wood, accidentally sawed off his own arm. The braveheart then ran 300 yards for medical help to get it stitched.

The 50-year-old man lived in an isolated place and got helo from a cyclist and two men who were walking dogs, reports The Sun.

They helped him with rudimentary first aid to stem the bleeding. "If we hadn't made the tourniquet I'd have been a goner," the daily quoted the injured man as saying.

The man was lucky because he had first aid training in the fire service so he knew exactly what to do in case of an arterial bleed.

The man was cutting wood when the radial arm saw just cliced through his arm. The man felt some fragments of his bone hitting his arm. He was shocked to find his arm holding to the rest of his body by a patch of skin.

He grabbed his arm and simply ran for hel from his neighbours as his wife was not at home at the time.

He was lucky that the doctors were able to attach his arm back after a marathon 7-hour surgery. His arm would never be the same again but he was getting back some movement in his fingers.


Girl, 5, shot in uncle's shop while dancing

LONDON: A five-year-old girl was shot in crossfight between a few gang members in her uncle's shop. Heratbreaking CCTV footage showed the gory details of an assassination attempt gone wrong when a bullet strayed from its target and hit the girl in her chest in London, reports Herald Sun.

The video clip showed the little girl, in a pink dress, dancing in the aisle of the store. She had barely moved towards the front door when a number of people ran through the aisle and she could be seen seen lying on the floor on her back.

Although the paramedics tried to save Thusha Kamaleswaran, but she went into two cardiac arrests and even if she can be saved, she would be paralysed for life, said the daily.

Another man, Roshan Selvakumar, 35, who was buying groceris at the shop has also received bullet injuries. One such stray bullet hit him on the face and part of it is still stuck in his skull.

The rival gang members were caught and likely face a life sentence for the shootout in the store.


Beauty contestant disqualified for being a boy

CANADA: Miss Universe Canada pageant has disqaulified a 23-year-old contestant as the bonde was born a boy.

Jenna Talackova underwent surgery and become a woman, however she wasn't born one. She went through the sex-change surgery at the age of 19. The fine print of the pageant clearly says that contestants have to be 'naturally born female', reports Adelaide Now.

Her profile was removed from the official website once it was discovered that she was a transgender.

"I'm disqualified, however I'm not giving up," tweeted Talackova. She added that she had been "disqualified for being born.".

In a YouTube interview Talackova candidly says that she knew she was a female at the age of four and began hormone therapy ten years later. She has competed in transgender pageants before.

The decision to remove the contestant from the pageant sparked outrage with some calling for her to be reinstated into the contest.

One Facebook user posted on Talackova's page: "Tell us what 'requirements' did she not make? This reeks of discrimination..."


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