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02 October 2023

Married woman raped on pretext of job interview

By Staff/Agencies

Woman raped on pretext of job interview


INDIA: In a horrific incident, a 21-year-old married woman was raped by two men when she had gone to Noida for a job interview.

The woman was sent to Noida by an East Delhi placement agency, reports Indian television channel NDTV.

The woman went for the interview with her sister-in-law. When the woman did not come out of the room for a long time, the sister-in-law raised an alarm and helped the victim escape from the clutches of the two men.

The duo went straight to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint. Medical probe proved that the victim was raped.

The culprits are yet to be apprehended by the police officials. 

Australian survives bungee jump horror

SYDNEY:  An Australian woman whose bungee jumping cord snapped, plunging her head-first into raging waters in Africa's Zambezi River with her feet still tied, on Monday described her "miracle" survival.

Erin Langworthy, 22, was on holiday in Africa on New Year's Eve when she took on the 111-metre (364-foot) bungee jump from the Victoria Falls bridge above the river, which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe.

But it all went horribly wrong when the cord snapped about halfway into the jump. The terrifying moment was caught on video and Langworthy is seen hitting the water with her feet still tied before being swept towards rapids.

"It went black straight away and I felt like I'd been slapped all over," she told Australia's Channel Nine in an interview recounting the moment of impact.

"As I went deeper down, the water got colder and it must have snapped me out of it."

Langworthy, from Perth, said she had been white water rafting the previous day and remembered some of the safety tips to get through the looming rapids.

"The water was going quite quickly and then I started to hear the roaring," she said.

"It's like being in waves, you get sucked under and then you pop up so it's very disorienting, I didn't know which was up or down."

She managed to swim to the Zimbabwe side of the river, where she hauled herself out.

"It was quite scary because a couple of times the rope actually got caught on some rocks or debris," she said.

"I actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface."

Langworthy suffered a fractured collar bone as well as massive bruising in the accident and was taken to South Africa for treatment.

"Yes, I think it's definitely a miracle that I survived," she told the broadcaster.

School suspends 'suicidal' student

INDIA: The principal of a school located in Mumbai suburb Vikhroli was conivinced that one of the  students studying in grade 9 was mentally weak and suicidal after the girl was involved in a confrontation with a teacher and hence decided to suspend her for a month, reports Mid-Day.

In the beginning of December, the teen student was punished by one of ehr teachers for not wearing the proper school shoes. She was made to stand outside the classroom for half an hour. However, a few days laters she found out that another student guilty of not wearing proper shoes did not face any punishment.

The student went and spoke to the teacher about the disparity. The teacher scolded the student. And when the student moved away towards a window to hide her tears from others, the teacher accused her of being trying to commit suicide.

Despite the 13-year-old's protests that she had no intention of trying to commit suicide, the principal suspended the student. She was told that she would be allowed to attend class only after her parents sent a signed note saying they would not hold the school responsible in case their daughter committed suicide.

However, the school allowed the girl to return after a month as the incident received extentsive coverage in the local media. 

Pizza chain apologises for racial slur on receipt

WASHINGTON: US pizza company Papa John's has issued an apology to a New York woman of Asian descent who was given a receipt that referred to her as "lady chinky eyes."

Minhee Cho, a communications manager for the journalism site ProPublica, posted a message with a photo of the offending receipt on her personal Twitter account after visiting one of the chain's restaurants.

"Hey 'PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't 'lady chinky eyes,'" she wrote -- prompting outrage on the popular microblogging site.

The message itself was retweeted some 500 times and the photo quickly garnered over 150,000 views -- hours later Saturday, Papa John's posted an apology on its Twitter and Facebook pages.

"We are very upset by recent receipt issue in New York and sincerely apologize to our customer," the company wrote on Twitter, adding that the employee involved "is being terminated."

On Facebook, the company said it was "extremely concerned" to learn of the incident.

"This act goes against our company values, and we've confirmed with the franchisee that this matter was addressed immediately... We are truly sorry for this customer's experience."

Indian couple celebrate 86th anniversary

Married in 1925 and born in 1905 Karam Chand celebrated his 86th wedding anniversary with his wife, Kartari Chand, who is 99 years old now.

Karam Chand and Kartari Chand were both born in the same area of northern India. The two got married at a very early age in a Sikh ceremony which was all arranged by their family.

Mr Chand is now 106 and Mrs Chand is 99. In 1965 the couple moved to Bradford.

The two have created record by celebrating their 86th anniversary. But their youngest son Satpal Chand said that breaking records was not important. To them it's all about living together as one family and respecting each other's values.

Content with life Mr Karam Chand is a happy man and says God willing he is ready to breathe his last when time comes. He says he led a good life.

According to BBC Mr Chand lives a very disciplined life. He smokes one cigarette a day before his evening meal and enjoys the occasional whiskey or brandy. He enjoys life in moderation.


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