Crazy World: Woman strangles man with bra

Also: Pregnant woman abused at work

A Russian stripped off and used her bra to strangle an elderly neighbour.

The 26-year-old became wild when the pensioner "refused to lend her money for a drinking binge", reported Daily Mail.

The girl hit the 65-year-old man several times and kicked him while she strangled him inside his house. Her boyfriend who was with her did nothing to stop her. She then took off her bra and looped it around his neck until he passed away.

Both were arrested.

Girl locked in closet for 10 years, beaten, forced to have sex

A 20-year-old girl was held captive in a cupboard for 10 years by her aunt.

Beatrice Watson was allegedly beaten by baseball bat, forced to drink her urine and forced to have sex with men for a decade while under the custody of her aunt, reported Daily Mail.

She was rescued when four mentally-retarded adults were found in the building where her aunt lived in Philadelphia.

Beatrice said she was locked inside a closet where she huddled on the floor under teh shelves. She knew it was morning when light came through the window and crack under the door. She was allowed out only once a day and went without food on most days.

She claimed that she was also taunted by her cousins.

When police rescued her there were burn marks and gun wounds on her body. The place smelled of urine and feaces.

Woman uses men's toilet

A woman in Singapore got into trouble after she used men's toilet.

Kwong Wah it Poh, 38, a Filipina, unable to bear the urge to answer nature's call, barged into the men's washroom at Singapore's Lucky Paza.

Five men inside were shocked and zipped up and rushed out, reported AsiaOne.

Security officers then asked her out.

Pregnant woman abused at work 

A pregnant woman has dragged her some of her male colleagues to court unable to bear their barrage of sexual and inappropriate remarks about her breasts. She has accused them of sexual discrimination.

The woman from Devon alleaged that pornographic emails were shared in office, which made her feel 'embarassed', reported Daily Mail. The victim, in her 20s, claimed she was worried about what to wear to work because they made comments about her legs and other parts of her body as well.

She told the court that one of her male colleagues said that he was there to make money and not friends.

Man shot over a buffalo

Two farmers entered into a heated argument over buffalo fodder, which climaxed in one of them shooting the other.

According to a Times of India report, neighbours Taushif and Irshad, who are both farmers and have a herd of buffaloes. On Monday Taushif saw Irshad's buffalo eating fodder meant for his cattle. The former llost his cool and shot Irshad. But he himself rushed the victim to hospital.

However, doctors could not save him. 

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