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12 July 2024

Crazy World: Woman swallows dentist's drill


SWEDEN: An unknown woman who was undergoing a dental surgery when the drill head went loose and fell inside the patient's mouth. Even though the doctors immediately made her sit up, the 60-year-old woman had already swallowed the small piece of equipment.

The doctors asked the woman to cough hard and spit the eqipment out, however the little piece of metal had already headed south, reports a Swedish newspaper Local.

The 3-cm long drill had lodged itself inside her lung, according to an x-ray report.

The woman underwent bronchoscopy to get the drill out without causing harm to her lungs. 'A pinky-sized tube was sent into her lung with a small camera and pliers to grab hold of the drill,' the hospital’s medical boss Per Weitz told the daily.
Back from the dead man sent packing

SLOVAKIA: A man who had allegedly gone on a hiking trip 19 years ago returned recently only to be shown the door by his furious wife.

The young father had simply walked away from his responsibilities as he could no take them, reports a UK-based website.

After months of searching for the missing man, the authorities termed him missing and presumed dead.

The wife's life moved on and she remarried.

The man found the going tough even after walking out. He was found living in a homeless shelter during a routine check. When contacted, the wife refused to take him back since she did not want any contact with the man.

The woman's friends don't blame her for turning her back on her first husband.
Toothache sparks motorway madness

AUSTRIA: A man decided to drive 40 miles on a stretch of road. Nothing surprising there, but for the fact that he drove on the worng side of the road.

All because he was suffering from terrible toothache and needed to see a dentist ASAP, reports Orange.co.uk.

Prompted by police, radio stations in Austria interrupted their programmes to warn other motorists to stay clear of the road or to pull to one side as the 36-year-old man sped along the wrong way.

POlice could not catch the driver due to foggy conditions but he was arrested later for jumping red signals.

The driver defended himself by saying that he had taken strong pain medication and even consumed alcohol in an attempt to dull the toothache and remembered nothing of his harowing drive.
Christmas gift? Gun found with child's teddy bear

A young child in a foster home was not pleasantly surprised when he unwrapped his Christmas gift to find a gun hidden inside.

It was hidden inside the box containing the teddy bear, reports Huffington Post.

When an eight-year-old found the gun, she waved it in the air and was found playing with it by her foster parents. The child thought it was a toy.

The gifts were donated to the foster children from a church who in turn had received it from their members, reports New York Post.
Shy heiress leaves $20m to library, parks

NEW YORK: A shy New York woman whom no one took to be wealthy left a shockingly happy surprise when she died: $20 million in donations to the city's libraries and main park.

Mary McConnell Bailey lived modestly and volunteered at a hospital and schools, before dying at 88 last year, the New York Post newspaper reported Tuesday.

Now, the Post says, it emerges that the New York Public Library and Central Park Conservancy recently received checks from her estate worth $10 million a piece.

"You would have never known" she was rich, the Post quoted her former best friend and neighbour, Lizanne Stoll, as saying. "When we went to lunch, it was usually Dutch," she said, meaning everyone paid for themselves.

The library's top donations official told the newspaper he'd met the unassuming Bailey often, but couldn't remember her voice. "That's how soft-spoken she was."

According to the Post, Bailey came from a wealthy family and moved to New York in the 1940s, then inherited a fortune. However, she spent little and lived in a basic Manhattan apartment. (AFP)

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