Crazy World: Woman to wed twin sister's killer

Mum believes daughter needs to see psychiatrist

ARGENTINA: A woman from Argentina has made up her mind to marry the convicted killer of her twin sister.

The convict, Victor Cingolani, is currently serving a 13 year sentence for killing his girlfriend Johana Casas, who was a fashion model, in August 2010, reports Perth Now.

The bridegroom insists he is not guilty and plans to marry the deceased's twin in prison.

The man and his 22-year-old fiancee had been granted permission to tie the knot behind bars. The bride's mother is totally against the wedding and wants to have her surviving daughter psychoanalysed as she feels that her daughter doesn't know what she is doing.
Techie gives up high-flying job to manage toilets

SINGAPORE: A 51-year-old man is the new toilet attendant at a Chinese restaurant in the city. Nothing surprising in that, except that in this case, the man gave up his job as an IT consultant to take up this menial job.

Now, he has not only traded his posh office for a toilet but he is also earning four times less that what he was earning earlier.

The man claims that he was attracted by the popular restaurant's hiring ad and wanted to challenge himself. "I know that this restaurant is very big in China, and was very interested and curious, so I decided to try out for the job and challenge myself," he told Shin Min Daily News and was quoted by Asia One.

Mum buys plastic surgery voucher for daughter, 8

UK: Sarah Burge is notorious for her addiction to cosmetic surgery and her outrageous ideas on parenting.

The 51-year-old has been in the news earlier for trying to launch her daughter onto the beauty pageant scene and also buying her plastic surgery vouchers on her birthday that she can redeem once she is 18.

Burge runs a cosmetic clinic and has herself undergone under the knife innumerable times, more than 100 actually, for her makeover. She has spent more than £250,000 on her procedures.

She plans to gift her three daughters, aged 27, 18 and 8,  ponies, surgery vouchers, designer clothes, handbags and jewellery this Christmas.
Shark-filled aquarium bursts open

CHINA: When an aquarium burst open in China, it caused people to freeze in terror as the tank was infested with sharks and about 15 people were injured in the chaos caused by broken glass and flying fish.

The incident occurred in the Dongfang shopping mall in Shanghai when the 10-inch protective glass shield gave away thus shocking the passersby and making them run for their safety even as the water from the tank flooded the mall entrance, reports

As people fled in panic from the horrific site, a lot of people were seriously injured as the glass was quite thick. Police investigation is on to determine the cause of the shield collapse.

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