Daring Saudi mid-day robbery on camera

Thief smashed his car into electronics shops and stole most of its items


An armed thief took advantage of Friday noon prayers in Saudi Arabia, drove towards a major electronics shop and smashed its doors with his car before burgling most of its items. It was not clear whether the thief knew he performed the operation on camera.

A film lasting more than five minutes showed the man carried such a daring burglary in cold blood as he appeared calm while taking his time in picking the most expensive items, including mobile phones, navigation systems and other electronics.

At first, he tied a rope to the shop’s door but it snapped. He then crashed his car into the shop but failed for the first time. He repeated the attempts until the shop’s door was smashed open and the car itself was badly damaged.

Sabq newspaper, which carried the film shot by the shop’s security cameras, said the burgled shop is called “Dar Mouja”, which is located in the capital Riyadh.

“He came with his car to the shop alone, taking advantage of the noon prayers when all shops are shut and people are at the mosque,” it said.

“He set the alarm while he was trying to smash the door…a Bangladeshi worker tried to rush to the shop but the man aimed a gun at him…the Bangladeshi ran away and phoned the police…the film did not include that act.”

The paper said two other branches of Dar Mouja, one of the biggest retail electronic shops in Riyadh, had been burgled five times over the past 10 months, adding that the stolen items were worth more than SR500,000.

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