Dumped woman dentist pulls all ex's teeth

Girlfriend walks as she couldn't accept man without teeth

POLAND: Ouch! A Polish female dentist extracted her former boyfriend's teeth - all of them, for dumping her.

The 34-year-old woman proved the saying - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The man had earlier turned up at his former girlfriend's clinic with a toothache, reports Daily Mail. The former couple met just a few days after he had broken off with her and going for another woman.

The man was given a heavy dose of anaesthesia and she pulled all his teeth out for revenge. She also tied up his head and jaw with a bandage so he could not move his mouth.

When the man was conscious again, she told him that he would need to consult a specialist as there were complications, the daily said. The 45-year-old man's new girlfriend has ditched him as she refused to remain with a man without teeth.

The dentist is likely to face a jail sentence for malpractice.


Man undergoes sex change - twice

THAILAND: A man who could not make up his mind, became a woman and then underwent yet another surgery to get back to his original form.

The 21-year-old Thai man decided two years ago that he was a girl at heart, reports Asia One.

He went ahead with the surgery without informing his family. Even thought, physically he became a girl, his features remained like hat of a young man - masculine.

He was not happy as he would attract strange looks from passersby. Plus his family blamed him for makiing a mockery of his family name.

He finally decided to regain his manhood but the surgery was a complicated one and it's a long-term affair as he has to now take male hormone injections to remain 'manly'.


Cheerleaders entertain stranded passengers

CHINA: In what a section of travellers call a 'cheap trick', an airport in China has hired a few cheerleaders to keep their stranded travellers happy in the event of flight delays.

Recently, hundreds of flights were delayed due to foggy conditions, reports Xinhua. About 5,000 passengers were affected by the weather conditions.

A bevy of dancers, dressed in striking blue two-piece uniforms, took centrestage at the northeastern China airport, said Asia One.

The airport authorities managed the crisis well by hiring a group of college students to work as cheerleaders and keep the stranded passengers smiling in the face of long delays.


Man tries to sacrifice son, 8

US: A man who claimed to have heard his dead grandmother's voice asking him to offer a sacrifice of his young son tried to fulfill her wishes by slicing his son's forearms.

The 30-year-old JOseph Ramirez took his entire family to the at Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego where he first attacked his son and then sliced open his own forearms with a sharp knife, reports utsandiego.com.

Both the man and his son were taken to a hospital. The man is likely to be charged for child abuse by police authorities.


4 missing children found asphyxiated

MEXICO: Four children who vanished on their way to primary school have been discovered suffocated and buried on a ranch not far from their homes in southern Mexico, according to Tabasco state authorities.

Three of the children who were formally interred by their families at dawn Saturday were siblings and another was their neighbor on a hillside in the colonial town of Tapijulapa. Their ages ranged from 7 to 10.

The state Attorney General’s Office said that the mothers became alarmed when their children did not return from school Tuesday afternoon, and when they went to question school officials, found that the students had never arrived.

The bodies were discovered on Friday in shallow graves at a ranch named “Honey and Milk” about two miles (three kilometers) outside the town, which is in the municipality of Tacotalpa. Their faces had been covered with brown packing tape, which caused them to suffocate, the agency said in its statement issued Friday.

The motive for the killings remained unclear, but state Attorney General Gregorio Romero said investigators had found no sign of sexual abuse or organ trafficking.

The parents of the children are hardscrabble corn farmers living in wood houses on the edge of the picturesque town, and the children walked about a mile (two kilometers) to school each day, crossing the Oxolotan River. Another child reported seeing them that morning near a soccer field on their way to school.

Anita Gomez Perez, whose 7-year-old son Samuel was one of the victims, wept as she told reporters that she usually accompanied her child to school, “but that day, I don’t know what happened to me. He didn’t want to go to school, he didn’t want to get up, and I told him to get dressed so they would not mark him down.”