Going for a spin: Kite designer presents ‘bike kite’ [video]

Feng Tsan-huang, a renowned kite designer in Taiwan, is taking his latest creation for a spin -- setting his "bike kite" into the skies.

Feng showed off the unusual design - a white egret bird pedalling on a bike - at the annual Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival at the weekend, surprising spectators.

The kite, measuring 200 centimetres in height, 180 centimetres in length and 75 centimetres in width, weighs 0.8 kilograms, he said. It has panels of polyester and carbon beams to provide structure.

"When I first saw it, I thought someone was up there in the sky," said 10-year-old Liu Li-Fang, one of the spectators.

"After watching it carefully, I realised it's a kite and it looks like a person is riding a bike in the air."