Green snow falls in Russian city

'Green snow' has fallen on a Russian city, causing locals to believe that space dust has landed.

The snowfall occurred in Chelyabinsk, where a meteor exploded over the city in 2013, while local media suggested local residents were "cheered up" by the green snow having suffered a long winter.

Kurs Dela Russian reported: "Green snow in the Chelyabinsk region appeared to cheer up Chelyabinsk residents who showed signs of depression due to a long winter."

However, the local government claimed that the green snow fell as a result of dust being blown from a nearby quarry.

A Twitter user said: "The regional Ministry of Ecology explained the green snow in Chelyabinsk. A strange colour rainfall at the entrance to the city from the side of Yekaterinburg was recently discovered by citizens.

"On Monday, January 13, department specialists left the site and came to the conclusion that the snow turned green due to dust from a nearby granite quarry."

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