Indian miracle: 10-floor building up in just 48 hours

Construction comes up in Mohali, Punjab

For all the talk about India being a slow moving elephant, laboring towards the modernity of the Chinese dragon, a builder claims to have put up a 10 floor building in 48 hours.

According to a report on Indian news channel NDTV and as per the YouTube video here, entrepreneur Harpal Singh, who promised that the 10 floor building would be completed within 48 hours, said, "We wanted to show that this can be done. That feat was achieved within 48 hours.”

The building used prefabricated materials, including 200 tonnes of steel.

The building facade is red and gray in an industrial plot in Mohali, 10 km from Chandigarh.

Harpal Singh is also owner of the JW Marriott hotel in Chandigarh and was quoted by the report as saying: "This will be the first building of its kind in the country that was built in just 48 hours. The model has been approved for Zone-V seismic zone, the area at greatest risk for earthquakes".

Three floors of the building were built in just six hours on Thursday.

More than 200 skilled workers, technicians and engineers worked on the construction of the building.



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