Infant thrown down garbage chute may be returned to mom

Sharjah social services are assessing Filipina mother’s psychological condition

A Filipina woman who dumped her new born baby from the ninth floor through the garbage shaft in Sharjah to hide her illicit relationship may have the boy back if she proves eligible, the emirate’s social services said.

The department said the woman who has been jailed since she committed that crime nearly six months ago could have the baby back gradually after it verifies she is psychologically fit and has real maternal feelings for the boy.

“The department is closely monitoring the woman to check her psychological condition and ensure she has real maternal feelings for her baby,” the department’s director Afaf Al Marri said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

“We will then assess the possibility of integrating the baby with his mother, at least gradually and under direct supervision from the department.”

Marri said the department realizes that the Filipina’s attitude now is quite different from when she committed her crime.

“We believe that the fear of a scandal when she gave birth to that baby pushed her to commit that crime unconsciously….just in few moments, the crime was done.”

Marri said the baby’s condition has been stable since he was moved to the department from hospital a few weeks after he was found in the garbage by the watchman.

She said the department is doing its best to provide the baby with all necessary facilities and the best health and social care.

“Yet his natural place should be in his mother’s lap in case this does not pose any threat to his safety…for this reason, we are studying the mother’s emotional and psychological condition before we decide to integrate the baby with her gradually.”

In July, doctors at Al Qassimi hospital said the baby fully recovered after receiving treatment for nearly 40 days while his mother, a housemaid, remains in jail.

The building watchman found the baby alive in the garbage after he luckily landed on garbage bags. He informed the police who arrested the maid.

The maid, who illegally worked for a family, told police she decided to get rid of her baby after an illicit relationship.

Oldest dad is father yet again at 96

INDIA: 96-year-old Ramajit Raghav, a farmer from the Indian state of Haryana became father for the second time at the ripe old age. He currently holds the record of being the oldest person to father a child.

Within a gap of two years, Ramajit is a father again. He became a father for the first time when his wife, who is 52 now, gave birth to the couple's first child, a son, in November 2010.

On October 5, the couple were blesses with another son. Both mother and son are said to be doing well.

The father has credited his virility to a daily dose of milk, almonds and ghee.
The couple live on the outskirts of a small north Indian town called Kharkoda in Sonipat district of Haryana state, 40 kilometres from Delhi, reports The Times of India

The Haryana government’s old-age pension records put his age as 96.

Crediting his health to his physical activity and diet, Raghav told the newspaper that his daily diet included three litres of fresh cow’s milk, half a kilo each of almonds and ghee, or clarified butter commonly used in south Asian countries.


Boy tied to tree and burned alive on 8th birthday

US: A little boy of eight was tied to a tree and burned alive on his birthday. He passed away 13 years later after showing enormous courage and battling for his life every single day. He died from cancer that was caused by the burns covering his body.

But before Robbie Middleton died, he named the person responsible for ruining his life.

In a video recorded on his deathbed he accused his alleged attacker Don Collins, a 13-year-old neighbour, of raping him two weeks before he was set on fire, reports Daily Mail

The little boy was obviously set on fire to ensure his silence.

The 13 years that Robbie lived after being doused with petrol and set ablaze, he underwent 200 surgeries and endless therapy to repair the burns, says the daily.

Unfortunately, the brave boy who battled on for so many years, died just before his 21st birthday.

Collins, who is now 27-year-old, will now be charged for murder.

The Schulenburg Sticker reported that his mother Colleen said during the trial: 'It was so hard to take in what my eyes were seeing.

'All of his hair was scorched, and there was skin hanging around his ankles.

'A little while later, I walked down to the tree where it happened. There was a perfect outline of Robbie’s body scorched into the bark of the tree.'


Four classmates assault girl, 12 in school

INDIA: A young girl of 12 who had gone into her classroom at the end of the school day to collect her bag, came out of the room in a dishvelled state. Her uniform was torn in places and she was sobbing when the principal spotted her.

She told him that four grade 8 boys had molested her in the classroom, reports Times News Network.

Although the boys apologised to the girl, the girl's parents and relatives criticised the school for not taking strict action against them.

Following the parents' outrage and demonstration, the four culprits were taken into custody after the police were called into the school by the principal.

The incident occurred in a school in Coimbatore.


51-year-old molests three girls 
HAGATNA: A 51-year-old man who is a registered sex offender is set to go on trial on new charges.

The Pacific Daily News says that Nicholas Camaddu will go on trial Dec. 17.

Camaddu is accused of molesting three young girls for several years. He also is accused of failing to register as a sex offender. He has since been put on the registry.

Camaddu was previously convicted of second-degree felony criminal sexual conduct in 1979 after he and two other men raped a woman in her Dededo home. (AP)


Shotgun wedding? Jeweler offers rifles with rings

IOWA: Have you spent your life hunting for the perfect wife? Maybe you have met the one but are feeling gun shy?

An Iowa jeweler is offering free rifles for husbands-to-be who spend at least $1,999 on an engagement ring at his store near Iowa City.

Jeweler Harold van Beek told KCRG near Cedar Rapids that he wanted to "do something for the boy who doesn't like to hunt for diamonds but likes to hunt for deer."

The deal at Jewelry By Harold in North Liberty starts Thursday and will run through the end of October.

The rifle offer is subject to Iowa laws on gun ownership. Those barred include felons and addicts. (AP)


Intruder takes images of women at birthday bash

KUWAIT CITY: A man was found lurking near a restaurant in Kuwaiti City while a birthday party was on inside.

When a hhotel employee questioned him, he claimed to be the father of a party guest whom he had accompanied to the venue, reports Al-Shahed daily.

However, when hotel employees grabbed his mobile phone, they realised that the man had secretly taken images of women who were attending the bash with his phone.

The police were called in and a case was registered against the intruder.

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