Kuwaiti marriage 'con': Weds three for cash

A woman in Kuwait is in the business of marriage – she weds wealthy men and then divorces them and walks off with huge alimony.

According to Al Rai daily, the case came to light when she sought divorce from her third husband – a  rich sheikh. She sought custody of her children as well as a massive maintenance support.

Interestingly, he had previously filed a complaint against her stating that she was already a married woman whose divorce was under process with a rich Kuwaiti while marrying him. That person had paid her KD 100,000 (Dh1.3m) as alimony

He claims that he was unaware of her earlier divorce because she had signed a marriage contract with her first ex-husband in Bahrain. And at the time of marrying her he was not aware she was married twice already.