Leave your car running: It will be 'stolen'

Sharjah Police seems to believe in the adage ‘experience is the best teacher’.

The department in order to educate motorists and increase public awareness about not leaving vehicles running as they rush to complete quick errands, has adopted a change of role.

A group called ‘Watcher Team’ of Sharjah Police patrol busy spots such as banks and pharmacies, where invariably motorists leave their cars running thinking they could finish their job in a few minutes.
Once they leave the vehicles unattended, the watcher team cop at the site drives away the car, leaving a camera focused at the location.
The camera captures the reaction of the astonished motorists who on his return would find his vehicle ‘stolen’.
The police ensure that the motorists believe that their car is stolen for sometime before they return it to them.
Sharjah Police aims to reduce crime by their novel method.

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