Long-haired man mistaken for a woman in Makkah

A photograph of a man with a long hair showing part of his upper body during Umrah (mini pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia was mistaken for a woman in social networks, which poured abuse and sarcasm at her.

The picture, taken in the first week of the fasting month of Ramadan, was published in many social websites and one user commented :”It seems this woman misunderstands Umrah and its rules.”

But newspapers in the Gulf kingdom insisted the picture is for an African man not a woman despite the long hair spreading over his shoulders.

“Any sane person will not believe what is published in Facebook, Twitter and other websites…...how can a woman dressed in such a way enter the Grand Mosque without being stopped by the guards,” Alsaudi daily said.

“Even if she manages to get in, thousands of worshippers inside the Mosque will draw her attention to her dress and prevent her from performing Umrah.”

Male beggar in hijab arrested in Dubai
The number of beggars have gone up significantly during the holy month of Ramadan, according to top police officials in Dubai.

The authorities running the anti-begging campaign arrested 37 people last week alone. On Monday a teenage boy in hijab was also caught begging.

The youngster was moving around with a group of women, said Col Salem Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Deputy CID Director, Search and Investigation, Dubai Police.

The 15-year-old  boy told investigating officers that he was tempted to beg because of the acitivities of the group he belonged to.

Rumaithi urged public to co-operate with police to report beggars. Children was victims of begging. Adults exploit them for their greed and spoil their future, he added.

About 65 beggars have been arrested so far this year. Between July 17 and 24 police arrested 28 beggars including four women.


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