Man claims his alligator is 'just like a pet dog'

Photo: Bang

A man from Pennsylvania says his pet aligator - whom he has had for four years - is like a pet dog to him.

Joie Henney has rubbished the suggestion that the intimidating-looking animal actually poses a threat to anyone.

He told the York Daily Record: "Wally's never bitten me, and he's never tried to bite anyone. He's pretty laid back."

Earlier this week, Joie brought Wally on a leash to an assisted-living centre, where he encouraged residents to pet the gator on its head. Joie told a woman: "He's just like a dog. He wants to be loved and petted."

Wally the aligator was about 14 months old when it arrived in Joie's home in September 2015.

After a few months, Wally became accustomed to ithe surroundings despite being a wild animal, and was calm enough that Joie let Wally roam around the house.