Man dumps girlfriend who becomes his boss

Photo: Bang

A teacher, who 'ghosted' his ex-girlfriend 10 years ago, was shocked to discover she's his new boss.

The unnamed man ghosted his ex-girlfriend Sylvia and moved to a completely different country without an explanation.

He told the blog Ask A Manager: "Well, I ghosted her. Over the Christmas break, while she was visiting her family, I simply moved out and left the country."

The break-up happened 10 years ago, and the pair - who were together for three years - were no longer in communication and had no mutual friends.

Sylvia tried tracking him down and caused "various scenes" between his family and friends.

The tutor works at an international school and was informed that they were getting a new director, and it turned out to be his former flame.

He added: "I googled her and was shocked to discover it is Sylvia."