Man gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby

A woman who underwent sex change gave birth to a child now as a man. He got pregnant although he is a man now.

He has become Britian's first "male-mother" despite sex change. He gave birth last year after reactivating his womb through hormonal treatment.

Thankfully the womb was intact and was not removed during his sex change, reports The Sunday Times.

However he went through proper investigation and research about health issues if he ended up become pregnant. He took care of all the possible health implications of retaining his womb.

It is suspected that he might have given birth through caesarean although it is is possible the man may have retaiined the ability to give birth naturally.

Beaumont Society, which help individual who want to have sex change, believes that this case might be the first of its kind in Britain. Earlier on such case has been registered each in America and in Spain.


 Dad's revenge, shoots kid's laptop

A video of an angry American father pumping nine slugs from a handgun into his daughter's laptop has gone viral on YouTube and sparked an impassioned online debate over his parenting skills.

Tommy Jordan, of North Carolina, explains in the video, which he titled "Facebook Parenting: for the troubled teen," that he was upset by a Facebook post by his 15-year-old daughter in which she complained about her parents.

"This is for my daughter, Hannah, and more importantly for all her friends on Facebook who thought her little rebellious post was cute," Jordan says, speaking into a video camera apparently set up on a tripod.

Wearing a cowboy hat and smoking a cigarette, the video opens with Jordan sitting in a chair and reading with unconcealed outrage from the Facebook post, in which his daughter complains about having to do chores around the house.

The video, which was posted to YouTube Wednesday, has attracted 2.1 million views in just two days, been "liked" around 62,000 times and "disliked" around 4,800 times.

It has also spawned a debate about Jordan's parenting style, gathering more than 36,000 comments on YouTube and thousands more on his Facebook page.


Principal under scanner for hiring prostitutes

A principal of a top school in Singapore, along with a number of senior civil servants, are under investigation for hiring prostitutes from an online vice syndicate, according to AsiaOne.
Police carried out raids against the vice syndicate in late December last year.
A list that revealed the names of the syndicate's clients were among the items that were seized in the island-wide raid.
The man, is said to be 39-years-old, has been married for over 10 years and has a son.
The principal had quit unexpectedly last December, much to the shock of his colleagues.
A message was sent to parents of students in his former school last month saying that he was leaving because of personal reasons and family commitments.
The principal was known in the sporting circles and was an official for a national youth team.
The online vice syndicate was reported to be well-known for their Korean girls. It was believed that the syndicate was operating a call centre out of Bukit Timah.


Student ‘frying hamster' in a pan for 'laughs'

20-year-old student cooked a hamster in a frying pan at a house party.

Police have arrested the student in a raucous house party which got out of control.

Neighbours called officers as the wild party was getting wilder, reports dailymail.

Officers were horrified to discover the pet rodent dead in a frying pan in the kitchen.

An investigation might be under taken o find out whether or not the hamster was already dead before it was fried.


Man dumps 1 kg gold bar in charity box

A gold bar weighing one kilogram was dropped into a charity collection box in the Belarussian city of Brest, a media report said Friday.

The gold bar was discovered in a charity box set up in a grocery store to collect money for the Orthodox Church, the ONT television reported. The anonymous donor also slipped the $50,000 gold brick's certificate of authentication into the collection box.

According to the store's security personnel, a middle-aged man dumped the gold brick into the box. The man had apparently earlier attempted to hand the brick to a local church groundskeeper, however he refused to accept the donation.

A local church official said the donation would be enough to almost completely pay for the construction of a new church.

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